Philips Avance XL Airfryer - Air is the new oil!

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Air? the new oil???? hmmmmm...

for those of you who know me...i am quite the airfryer fan. it was one of the first few appliances that we bought for the new house even before we started the renovations(!!). there is so much to like about the appliance - cooking with little or no oil! Since then, i have also triggered enough interest in my mother-in-law who eventually got a set for herself too. #truestory

carting the Philips Airfryer home!
Here's a picture of der carting home our airfryer, taken many, many moons ago.

I was really stoked when i was invited to the new Philips Avance XL Airfryer launch at Jewel Box some weeks back, along with a whole bunch of mummy bloggers and other trade partners!

The event venue was all decked up in blue & white balloons in the corporate colors of Philips. I like that there were pillars of balloons all over. i also like that the official hashtags are on the balloons, so easy to spot! i know right. Social media junkie is me.

cherie posing with balloons
i just had to post with them balloons. #PhilipsAirfryer

there was a photo wall where we could take pictures and what do bloggers do best? Take pictures. There was a constant queue for the props the whole night and here's a picture of me with Estella, Mabel and Irene.

Posing with our favourite foods
Us, posing with our favourite food. ok, not exactly favourite since i dont really do junk food but the thought about having healthy french fries without it being oil fried kinda appeals. and yup, Mabel is being airfried!

Bryan Wong was our host for the night, and he's so full of wit and humour, my stomach was left aching after laughing non-stop. Can i also say he looks really good in real life? (Hee, i hope the husband isn't reading this!). Here, he is with Chef Dable in a cooking demonstration using the new Philips Avance XL Airfryer. Chef Dable is from Hong Kong and is owner and founder of the facebook community "I Love Philips Airfryer". She shares her airfryer recipes in the community in hope to inspire others to create 'healthY, crispY, tastY and speedY' meals for their families.

Bryan Wong & Chef Dable in a cooking demonstration using the air fryer
Bryan & Chef Dable doing a cooking demonstration for a common Hong Kong restaurant dish - Crispy cuttlefish toast

food demonstration in progess
food demonstration still in progress.

crispy air fried cuttlefish toast
airfried cuttlefish toast all done! i took one to try and it tasted really crispy! *mega impressed*

well, i thought that was all to the event but i was so wrong! Bryan picked 2 people out from the audience for a masterchef cook off! Super exciting! One of them was mom blogger Diana Gale and we were all screaming and rooting for her. :)

Philips very own masterchef cook-off right at jewel box

Bryan Wong unveiling the secret ingredients for the masterchef cookoff! Well, there's prawns, longans and pineapples.. Hmmmmmmmm. Kinda tough, but the funny part was bryan was actually rattling off the winning recipe to cook but i doubt the contestants were paying attention.

The completed dishes!

Dish by Diana! Looking really good!
(photo credit: sooddlydreamlike)

Dish by the other contestant, looking really yummy too!
(photo credit: sooddlydreamlike)

masterchef judges tasting the air-fried food!
6 judges were busy judging the food... and the winner is...

Diana wins philips masterchef cookoff
Diana Gale! She wins herself a Philips Avance XL Airfryer! *envy max*
(photo credit: sooddlydreamlike)

While everyone else was busy chit-chatting and helping themselves to the buffet spread of yummy good food, i was busy drooling over the actual food cooked using the Philips Airfryer based on Chef Dable's recipes. They looked really good and tasted yummy (there were also butlers serving the same food) and can i say that i am super inspired?

air-roasted pina cola chicken
Air-roasted Pina Cola Chicken (yes! you can cook a whole chicken with the new airfryer!)

air-fried cuttle fish toast
Air-fried Cuttle Fish Toast (this was the one demonstrated earlier)

air-gratinated eggplant au gratin
Air-gratinated eggplant au gratin (am so going to try cooking this cos i love eggplants!)

air-grilled italian styled tiger prawn
Air-grilled Italian Styled Tiger Prawns

air-baked elegant banana cake
and lastly, air-baked elegant banana cake.

Aren't they impressive? the options are quite limitless!

And of cos, i had to snap a picture with the handsome bryan wong. We managed to catch him before he left!

Bryan wong at the philip air fryer launch
L to R: Estella, Mabel, Bryan Wong, myself, Irene & Adora (gingerbreadmum).

and here's the real STARS of the night. The 3 different models of the Philips Air Fryer.

3 different models of the Philips Air Fryer
L to R: Philips Digital Viva Airfryer (NEW!), Philips Avance XL Airfryer (NEW!) & Philips Viva Airfryer.

The last model is what i currently own, but i am soooooo lemming for a Philips Avance XL Airfryer now! The Philips Avance XL Airfryer has so much qualities to drool over. Here's some reasons why you should buy the Avance XL Airfryer instead.
1. It's bigger with 1.2kg capacity (up from the 800g from the viva range) which means i can cook more and feed up to 5 people.
2. It's has digital touch screen! How cool is this? No more dials to fumble over.
3. It's 30% faster, which means cooking time is reduced and you can spend lesser time in the kitchen and more time bonding over the dining table.
4. It has Smart Preset Button. Just save the settings of your favourite dish and it saves you even more time when you cook it in the future.
5. It has "Premium Easy Glide" drawer. I really like this!

On the last point, i totally forgot to take a picture, but here's one picture that i hope can help explain what i was trying to say. In the viva collection, the airfryer drawer comes out entirely which makes handling a little harder since the drawer can be quite heavy. But in the Avance collection, you can lift up the handle together with the basket within (with your cooked food) and the drawer stays with the main unit. I thought it was a totally brilliant idea and it makes serving a lot easier. I wished i had a unit to take pictures to show you guys. I can't find any suitable pictures online to explain this better though, so try to imagine with me. Heh. Or pop by the electronics stores and check it out for yourself.

philip airfryer
(Photo credit: Philips Communications)

estella of sooodlydreamlike
Estella posing with the star of the night

The Avance XL Airfryer also boast of 5 cooking styles - fry, grill, roast, bake and gratinate! I always thought its only meant for frying so it was a great education for me (and now you, since you are reading this).

sooddlydreamlike, sporemomblogs and cherieladie
here's 3 happy girls at the event. we had loads of fun and thanks Philips Singapore for the invite!

estella & irene doing selfies
Ending the post with this cute shot that i took of Estella & Irene, both taking selfies.

Cook with Air today! Quote [cherieladie] and buy the Viva Digital Airfryer at $399 (Usual price: $459), FREE $50 SHOPPING VOUCHER and Avance XL Airfryer at $479 (Usual price: $539), FREE $50 SHOPPING VOUCHER at the PHILIPS EXPERIENCE SHOWROOM. This promotion is valid from 1st December till 31st January 2014.

Limited to 1 Airfryer per person. IC must be produced.

Address: 620A Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Building TP4 Level 1 S(319762)
Tel: 6882 5800
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm Saturday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

The Viva Digital Airfryer and Avance XL Airfryer are also available at regular prices in leading electronics stores, department stores and supermarkets island-wide.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the event and this is a sponsored event post. All opinions & thoughts are my own.

an old picture..

babies do grow darn fast when we aren't noticing, huh?

the husb was checking out some old pictures in his laptop and i saw this picture of jerry & me. when jerry was 7 months old. how friggin' long ago was that?!

cherieladie & jerry choo
us, at a wedding dinner

i look different though. i miss having the opportunity to dress up. well, just reminiscing. feeling a little nostalgia. feeling that time is slipping through my fingers...

ok. am out.

I'm still ALIVE!

Yo! In case you guys are wondering where i am.... i'm still alive, but barely kicking! Life has been really busy and i hardly have much time to spend with the kids, much less blog.

so, yeah.

but, i'm here to out-do myself because i jumped on the bandwagon and got onto a new (micro) blogging platform.. and in case you haven't heard, i'm on

I kinda like that it somewhat document my day and i can upload random pictures and do random snippets at any time i feel like it and still collates it into a daily entry. the entries there are mostly nonsensical and totally random, and captures my "thoughts of the moment" or simply, things that puts a smile on my face.

it reminds me a lot of my old blog where everything was happy-go-lucky and totally random.

so yeah, follow me there if you are on, or follow me on instagram or subscribe to my facebook page to stay connected. yup. i'm pretty much a social media junkie. so, add me wherever you like... and see ya there!

old school bubble fun.

sometimes, i look at my kids and think that their childhood are a lot more complicated - clouded with loads of toys & gadgets (ipads, computer, tvs etc).

i remembered growing up with very little toys and most of the time, i was exercising my imagination with existing furniture playing pretend all the time. i remembered using the bamboo sticks that my mum used to hang our clothes as some super long sword in a fight.. haha! those were the days.

i recently found a packet of old school bubble while packing my room. I think der bought them a couple of years back (pre-kids) while we were in arab street one day. thought it was a good chance to introduce some non-gadget, non-commercial toys to Jerry so i took them out to play.

jerry with a bubble
(yes, it was the days post his chin surgery which i have yet found the time to blog about)

I had a lot of fun blowing the bubbles and stopping him from touching them before they were ready! He's pretty fascinated and had me blow like a thousand bubbles for him non-stop. i taught him to handle it with care and with soft touch to prevent it from bursting. We bounced the bubbles on our hands, passed them around and jerry even burst into tears when jerome accidentally grabbed at one of the bubbles and immediately burst it. Even daddy got involved in the play and everyone had fun.

really nice old-school bubble fun. it really provided a lot of entertainment and i am wondering where i can get these again. it kinda made me relive my childhood too.

Flashback Friday #4 - Have you seen a monkey with blue testicles?

with a subject title like that, i must have caught your attention... haven't i?

I'm just going to share the most extraordinary monkey i have ever seen, while holidaying in Zambia, Africa a couple of years ago. one with blue testicles! really!

see? i aint lying..

blue testicle monkey

vervet monkey

I know i sounded perverted, but they are really fascinating to look at (the monkeys, not just the balls) and of cos, i had to snap some pictures! I guess no one would believe me unless i have pictorial evidence right? My uncles who were on the same trip as me couldn't believe their ears when i told them about it.

So there. you are welcome. Isn't it an amazing sight? totally missing my south africa trip right now. you can read about some of my experiences here.

by the way, i very recently found out it's called a Vervet monkey. Hmmm, i cannot help but notice it kinda rhymes with "pervert". Hee hee hee.

and woohooo! it's friday and i wish you a goooooooooooood weekend! TGIF!

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Product Review: Philip Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

**Sponsored Product Review**

My breast feeding journey hadn't been a really smooth one but i sort of persevered through it, reminding myself that breast is best. based on that one single notion, i pushed on no matter how tired i feel and how tough it is. those who have been around reading for a while would know that i had been unable to latch my kids - BOTH my kids. As much as i tried a lot harder with the 2nd kid, the situation and the circumstance just means it was not meant to be.

without being able to latch, the breast pump is really my best friend in the breast feeding scenario.

which brings me to a topic which most mothers-to-be (or breastfeeding mums) would like to know - which breast pump is better or which breast pump should i buy?

How do i buy a breast pump?

honestly, there is no one pump to fit the needs of everyone because everyone has different expectations or different requirements. Here's a list of considerations that i thought would be a good list to start off while fretting over your breast pump purchase.

1. Manual Breast Pumps vs Electric Breast Pumps
I have used both and have personally preferred the electric ones on the basis that my arms doesnt have to work that hard. i think i have weak arms because my arms do ache quite a bit with all that exercise on pressing the handles on a manual pump, and in return i am less effective in the chore.

both are similar in achieving the goal though, the milk gets expressed so it is really up to an individual's comfort level.

2. Ease of washing Pump parts
huh? you might ask. trust me. if you have to pump frequently up to 7 or 8 times a day and have to keep washing them all the time round the clock like i do, you'll think about the washing bit. I do like pumps with as minimal parts as possible or easy-to-wash parts so that i can quickly finish the chore and bond with the baby.

3. Cost
the cost must fit your budget. breast pumps ranges from affordable ones to very expensive ones, and regardless the option that you go with, the cost would always be a consideration. Though some times, i feel its not the affordability bit, it's more of the "would i use it often or enough to justify the cost to warrant paying?".

these are the top 3 points of what i considered when buying a breast pump. sure, there are a lot more considerations involved like whether you are a ftwm (rushed for time at work) or a sahm (express only when engorged or to store excess milk) which makes a whole world of difference in your purchase decision.

and today, i'm gonna review the Philip Avent Comfort Breast Pump and the specific model that i am reviewing is the Philips Avent Single Electric model.

Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

Unboxing the contents...

Unboxing the avent electric pump

The package comes with:
- breast pump body (pump machine + bottle + funnel + tubing)
- 1 x natural bottle with an extra soft newborn flow teat
- 1 x sealing disc for the milk bottle (storage purpose)
- 1 x spare diaphragm
- 1 x power adaptor for electricity source

using the single electric pump
Using the single electric pump!

I tried using it for a couple of weeks and here's my views on the Philips Avent Breast Pump.


flower-like petal cushion on breast pump
Flower petal-like cushion on the breast pump. at first, it does look more like aesthetics to me but when the pump operates, the flower petals actually help massages the breast with the suction. Very interesting! one can also relax and lean back to express the milk and not risk spilling at all without having to lean forward.

cover over breast pump funnel
white cap/cover over the funnel to keep the pump clean. This is a brilliant idea because i transport my pump around quite a bit and even though i keep them in ziplock bags after sterilization, i feel a lot more safe and at comfort that the pump sanitization is unlikely to be compromised with the cover over the funnel.

4 AA batteries slots on breast pump
the pump can work on AA batteries. Having the option of running on batteries is somewhat a lifesaver. Imagine the days where you forget to bring along the power adaptor - just go to any convenience store and grab some batteries and your boobs are saved!

pump parts laid out for washing

pump parts designed for easy access while washing
Ease of washing. There is minimal pump parts, but what i really like is that the pump parts are designed in such a way where cleaning is easy, which cuts down the amount of time i need to spend washing.

lighted buttons on the breast pump
Lastly, lighted buttons are a cool feature to have. While not critical, it helps when i don't have to switch on the light when i have to express in the dark in the middle of the night. it means no accidental waking of the baby or husband so they both getting better quality sleep!

Oh, and i'm not sure if many people realised it. You can get additional pump parts - avent diaphragm with stem and pump handle - and convert it into a manual pump!

1. Power source of the pump - This pump works on with either a power adaptor or AA batteries. I mostly use it on power adaptor for cost reasons and this irks me the most. Having to stay put at the same place, stuck with a cable in the wall is difficult with 2 kids. it renders me useless instantly, i cant do much else other than expressing. While there is the option of AA batteries which is totally convenient, i think rechargeable lithium batteries might be a better option especially since not all nursing rooms have a power source to plug the pump in. Of cos, the way to get around it is to use rechargeable AA batteries but they are also not cheap.

2. option of being handsfree. 2 kids, ftwm, and many chores/work to do is tough. i want to be able to do something else other than expressing milk at the same time. I want to be able to walk around the house, do light chores or type on the keyboard to reply emails. handsfree version could possibly do wonders to mothers who are time strapped and trying to do everything at the same time.

3. The strength of suction. the avent single electric pump offers 3 levels of suction. I find them a little too mild and takes me a longer time to express x amount of milk as compared to another pump that i am using. I often feel as if the breasts were not fully emptied.

and there. that's my breast pump review and what i really think of the pump. at the price of about $300, i think it is a fairly well-worth value buy but like i said earlier, your objectives of using the pump will be a better case to evaluate the pump's effectiveness.

just to share - I, for one, will go with a double pump because i am really time stretched due to my work schedules and having to manage the household and 2 kids. A single pump would mean double the amount of pumping time required which i cannot afford so i rather pay for a double pump which is twice the cost (ouch!). And oh, thought i'll highlight that while i use the single pump, both breast let-down at the same time and errm, i do find it quite messy trying to "stop" one side while expressing the other. Is it just me or is that normal?

Hope you find this review helpful!

Disclaimer: I received a Philips Avent Single Electric Pump from Philips AVENT for review purposes and this sponsored post is brought to you by Rise & Shine and all thoughts and opinions (and breast milk) are my own.

Flashback Friday #3 - Checking out Zambia

I mentioned in my previous flashback friday post that i nearly got kicked by a zebra. So, this week... thought i'll show you the zebras and the close proximity we were in at the hotel (zambezi sun) during my stay in Zambia.

free roaming zebras
wild zebras roaming around the hotel grounds.

grazing zebra
watching and observing them in such close proximity is an amazing experience.

wild zebras grazing
my uncle discreetly approaching.

zebra butt
ta-dah! Zebra butt.

The zebra in the last picture is the one that attempted to kick me. Seconds after i took this image, i happened to turn and walk away. That moment was when the zebra lifted his hind legs and gave a kick. thankfully, i was out of range.

its very liberating and refreshing to be near wild animals at such close proximity without any sort of barrier. you can even walk alongside them like they are your friends as they graze. other than zebras, there were giraffe, monkeys and deers. but of cos, in case you are wondering.. the hotels make you sign a indemnity form upon check in together with a long list of rules pertaining to the wild animals. It's really observe at your own risk and i definitely am not recommending that you touch them, as much as i was very tempted to.

Missing the experience bad. Will be blogging a really interesting monkey that i see in the next flashback friday, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, TGIF people!

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Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 - Date night with the husband.

I was super thrilled to receive the invitation for Sentosa Spooktacular this year. I am always game for an adventure or thrills but as a mum of 2 boys, i barely have much time for myself lest do anything remotely near like attending a spooky halloween event.

but receiving the media invitation just gave me the perfect excuse to have a perfect date night with the husband and inject some thrills in our lives. or love.

i know what you are thinking. how "romantic" right? at a scary, spooky setting?! Well, it definitely was.. cos the husband was holding my hands the entire time! (joking!!)

couple wrist tags featuring sentosa
our "couple bands" for the sentosa spooktacular media invite. matchy matchy!

This year marks the fifth edition and also the inaugural collaboration between Sentosa and renowned Thai movie production studios, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd (GTH) to jointly produce Sentosa Spooktacular 2013. Some of us would be familiar with the movies produced by GTH - Shutter, Coming Soon, Dorm etc.

We all know how thai horror stories are the scariest and most 'happening' of them all right? i remembered Shutter was one movie that i couldn't get out of my mind for the longest time after i watched it.

This year, Sentosa Spooktacular is incorporating some of GTH's most popular titles into the horror trails!

There are 5 horror trails in total;
- Coming Soon
- Shutter
- Dorm
- Pee Mak
- Body

Well, since it was media night that i attended, there were loads of overseas guests and artistes, as well as GTH's movie director and producer Yongyoot Thongkongtoon.

david goh, senior divisional director, sentosa leisure management with Yongyoot thongkongtoon, senior director of International Business Department, GTH, movie director and producer for GTH's films
David Goh, Senior Divisional Director, Sentosa Leisure Management together with Yongyoot Thongkongtoon, Seniro Director of International Business Department, GTH & movie direcotr and producer of GTH's films.

the 4 Pee Mak artistes - bomb, puak, shane and freud
the 4 artistes in Pee Mak - Bomb (Kantapat Permpoonpatchcharasuk), Puak (Pongsatorn Jongwilas), Shane (Attharut Jongrasri) and Freud (Nuttapong Chartpong).
man, thai names are so long to spell in english!!

grand opening of sentosa spooktacular 2013!
all set for the grand opening of Sentosa Spooktacular!

confetti shower officially opens sentosa spooktacular 2013
And, the offical opening starts with a confetti shower! Man, a ghost popped out and freaked everyone here! (image courtesy of Sentosa Spooktacular)

All i can say is, the first vibes i get from entering the place - SPOOKY! The husband did hold my hands a little tighter (though i'm not sure if he was trying to give me more assurance that he is around or that he is a little freaked out himself!)

hanging dead from the lamp post
a hanging corpse hanging by the lamp post.

We started our first trail with Body. This remains Der's favourite of them all. The story is about a Chon, a medical student who performed countless autopsies, was increasingly perturbed by nightmares filled with a corpse he recently studied, belonging to Dararai who was gruesomely butchered and places a curse on the medical faculty.

me screaming my head off after being given the heart of the dead corpse
me screaming when i realised i was presented with a heart taken out from the corpse.

dead corpse lying all over the place
dead, rotting corpse spilling all over the area together with walking corpse or scary gruesome looking ghouls.

making our way through the maze of dead bodies
navigating through the maze of butchered body parts. this picture looks pretty bright, but that's because of my camera flashlight. it was stuffy, filled with acrid smoke and in darkness. I kept having something hit my head. -_-"

am not going to show all the pictures and be a spoiler, so *ahem*, moving on to the next trail - Shutter.

The movie Shutter is about photographer Tun noticing mysterious white shadows in his shots and develops severe neck pains which no doctor has answers to. His ex-girlfriend was being violated and he had witnessed and taken photos of the incident. The ex was driven to suicide from blackmail and is back to seek revenge. I do find shutter is the scariest movie of all time personally.

This is my favourite trail, because it was freaking scary in total darkness that i couldn't at all SEE WHERE I WAS GOING AT ALL. i was just blindly following der's voice commands and i felt the place was decked very aptly to the movie with the grounds all scattered with photographs.

derrick with ghost in shutter
Derrick taking a picture with a ghost popping out of a photo frame.

cute looking ghost
pretty, little ghost that was hiding at some corner.. waiting to scare the shit of out you. ok. maybe not that pretty after all. (image courtesy of Sentosa Spooktacular)

We quickly moved on to the next trail - Pee Mak. The story revolves around Mak who invited his 4 friends to his home post-war and introduced them to his beautiful wife, "Nak" and newborn baby. Rumours had it that "Nak" died giving birth to her stillborn baby and the 4 friends set out to seek the truth and convey to Mak that the living and dead shouldn't coexist together. it's a comedy horror so i did find this trail quite hilarious instead of scary.

funny Pee Mak dancers
Ghosts doing the Pee Mak dance. (image courtesy of Sentosa Spooktacular)

the Pee Mak dance is super cool to look at and everyone loved it. i also like how the ghosts were all moving in various directions in slow, dead manner amongst the crowd and then suddenly spring into life dancing when the music played. loads of entertainment value for the crowd who were stuck in queues.

We completed the Coming soon trail last and didnt managed to go for Dorm because the queues were freaking long (even though my media pass = fast pass) so we gave up and headed home to the kids because it was already very late and way past the kids' bedtime. a real pity, really. wish i had more time to complete everything.

What i really like about the Spooktacular event is that while most Halloween events scare the shit out of you, you could easily get out by RUNNING AWAY. here, you are STUCK in the trails unless u perform the required tasks or challenges to let yourselves out. Man, it does feels very daunting and pressurizing under those conditions.

I definitely recommend you checking it out if you love the thai scary movies, specifically the 5 that the trails are modelled after. the other key highlight is that there are loads of larger than life props that are worth checking out.

Sentosa Spooktacular is an annual signature Halloween event held on the island of Sentosa, and will take place on 7 nights in Oct and November at Fort Siloso - 19, 20, 25, 26 Oct & 1, 2 Nov, from 7pm to 11pm.

The tickets are fast selling out and some days are completed sold out even before the event opens. Imagine how hot the tickets are. So, if you are really keen, there are still 2 more days to check it out - 31 Oct & 1 Nov. 2 Nov is completely sold out at the time of this entry.

The standard spooktacular tickets are priced at $66.60, and fast pass is available at $26.60 if you want to beat the queues and have sufficient time to do all 5 trails. If you are too chicken to check out the trails, you can grab the 'Kia Gui' (scared of ghost) pass at $16.60 that admits you into fort siloso and soak yourself in the eerie atmosphere but excludes admission to the haunted trials. For more information, check out or check out their fb at

P.s. the minimum age is 13 years old. i think the ghosts will freak out if you are under 13.

Happy Halloween! Eat pumpkins and make merry! You might want to bring some candles and joss sticks to offer to the ghosts though i'm not sure if that will work. They aint chinese, after all.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the event and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Strutting down the runway at the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2013...


baby crawling on runway

It's more like crawling down the runway, but.... jerome isn't one of the models, even though he was decked in FOX's gear that day.. I just plonked him there cos i thought it was really funny when he looked like he was relishing in all the attention and enjoying himself!

Baby jerome enjoying himself on the runway

jerome happily strutting on the runway..not!
totally rocking it on the (almost) empty runway.

so, potential model to be?? i really love this round little meat ball of mine - all his squishy fats and cuddly body. makes me want to give him a tight squeeze every single time.

some weeks back, i was invited to the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show held at Paragon and i thought it was spectacular! There were loads of fun activities to keep the little ones occupied - photo taking booth, DIY cupcake decoration booth, handicraft station and all. The kids were all so excited, except mine.

handicraft station to keep the little ones occupied
handicraft station to keep little fingers working and faces smiling.

Jerry was really hungry (Oops, i'm a bad mama!) so he really wanted to eat rather than play. He kept asking for bread, or food and digging my diaper bag for snacks (which daddy forgot to pack that day!). double oopsie!

so imagine my sense of relief when i saw......

Make your own cupcakes at the DIY Cupcakes Booth
DIY Cupcake booth filled with loads of m&ms chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate cream and icing, and rainbow sprinkles!

totally. saved. my. day. (never mind that it was empty calories)

Daddy guided him on decoration but all he wanted was m&ms chocolates! OMG. (mummy's sugar radar just kept going off in my brain and i had to distract myself with other things.)

daddy guiding jerry on cupcake decoration

I think jerry had the most fun here - CHOCOLATES & SWEETS - indefinitely.

jerry totally enjoying the fashion and his cupcake
hello there, mr. chocolate mustache!

the kid totally enjoying his cupcake and refused to go anywhere else so we were pretty much rooted to our seats and frantically cleaning him up (me) while the folks around us had a good laugh at my kid because he literally had his entire face in his cupcake.

keith trying to charm jerome
my friend keith (the btss, haha!) trying to charm jerome but jerome looking totally unimpressed.

cute baby couple strutting up and down the runway
cute little baby couple on the runway.

before the start of the fashion show, this cute little couple was holding hands and walking up and down the runway and everyone found them super adorable! Everyone was talking pictures of them, me included!

The REAL fashion show started soon after! i must say, a kid's fashion show is really cute and adorable to look at!

cute little girls on the fashion runway
The opening models were oh-so-pretty! and cute, and i loved the idea of the balloon spelling out the brand.

hip little boys on the runway
the boys looking all preppy and hip!

modeling kids on the fashion runway
i thought the kids were pretty professional and doing a good job. what i found out later blew my mind. Most of them were doing this for the first time! WOW. *very impressed*

hip kids in cool clothes

kids fashion show finale
and the finale! Oh man, i think everyone enjoyed the show they put up!

cherieladie's family portrait
a family selfie. I should take selfies of the family more often! i dont have many family pictures.

Jerry seemed rather inspired by the fashion show because when we visited the shop some days later... guess what he was doing in front of the mirror?

jerry striking a pose toddler posing in front of the mirror jerry modelling his clothes in a FOX store
posing, and posing non stop. Looking at himself in the mirror. He will grow up to be a vain one i think.
(like papa! *giggles*)

the shop people were really amused and i guess he made quite an impact because when i paid for my purchase, the shop people asked if he was at the fashion show.

jerry making angry face happy jerry in all smiles
Happy with his Mr. Nonsense fleece sweater

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Disclaimer: This is one of a series of sponsored posts with FOX Kids and Baby. The boys are getting their wardrobe all matched up! All thoughts and opinions (and fashion sense) are my own. 

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Flashback Friday #2 - The Amazing Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya - the smoke that thunders)

I never completed journaling down my south africa trip from 4 years ago. the last i checked... my last entry was at day 6 of the trip... and i had to stop cos i was going to be late for a flight to orlando.

ahhhh.. orlando. a trip that i never got round to blogging about at all. maybe i'll do that for the next flash back friday instead. i totally miss travelling pre-kids. you know, the luxury of dropping everything and flying last minute? the thrill of not knowing where i'll be and what's my next travel destination. adhoc travels used to my kind of thing, i realised.

still, not lamenting. I love my life now and i'm not trading anything else for it, but one can live in wonderful memories right? and lust. lusting for more travels. heh.

victoria falls
Victoria Falls.

if you don't already know, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world and it's like a creek that separates 2 countries - zimbabwe and zambia. there's beauty to the place whether its viewed from the zambia side or the zimbabwe side, and it's really interesting to cross a country to see the other side.

From the sky high above, the waterfall goes into a zig-zag formation and stretches for kilometres, which is why it is the largest waterfall in the world.

exploring victoria falls
trekking along victoria falls.

we spent our days trekking along all the nooks and crevices of the waterfalls, bumping into wild animals randomly and i never felt as close to nature as i was there. like, wild elephants bathing themselves in the fall? pretty amazing experience if you ask me. at some point, i wanted to jump into the water and immerse myself in the cool, refreshing water. I did dip my toes and feet though! and jump around stones and trying to take a picture like i could stand on the water.

mesmerized by the beauty of victoria falls
this was a self timer shot - i perched my dslr on that thin railing... (honestly, what was i thinking then?!)

and yup, i'll share more when i dig out more pictures another day. and here's a video of me going on a helicopter ride.

video of us, going on a helicopter ride at victoria falls. the video actually shows how the falls look like from the sky.

its so beautiful - loads of rainbows all over from the mist and the sun rays. and that's semi circle white thing that you see there, it's the only luxury hotel in the area (where i stayed) and we kinda got confined together with wild animals like zebra, giraffes etc. i almost got kicked by a zebra one day cos i was trying to take a picture and i think he felt threatened. my aunt freaked out at night cos she thought she was being followed but it was a zebra trotting behind her. fun, is really an understatement. amazing, amazing experience. want to get back there some day.


will try blogging again soon. in a separate note, it has been a hectic week and i'm glad to announce that Jerry has since been discharged from the hospital (as of yesterday) but we are only sending him back to school next tuesday. the hospital bill is horrendous (swaying close to 5 digits) and i'm so glad for insurance (i hope we can claim everything) and i'll blog about the ordeal that he went through (or the torture that daddy and mummy went through while he was in hospital). thank you all for the well wishes and blessings, and i am once again, reminded that how loved we are by our friends and family.

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