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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Lässig Diaper Bag Review

I have always have a fetish for bags and shoes, and that fact has not changed a wee bit even after i had kids and become a mother. But the honest truth is, as a mum with young kids, touting your pretty little bag (or your dainty designer bags) is no longer an option. gone are the days where u could just go out hands free carrying just a couple of cards in your pocket.

there are just so many things a baby (or babies in my case) need.

diapers? check.
wet wipes? check.
changing mat? check.
tissue paper? check.
milk bottles? check.
milk powder? check.
hot water flask? check.
blurp cloth? check.
extra clothing? check.
pacifier/soothing toy? check.
snacks/scissors/cutlery? check.

and i like to bring extras because i don't like being unprepared or caught in a situation where i have to buy new stuff.

you put them all together and you have a big bundle of things to lug around. I don't know about you, but diaper bags need to serve 2 key purpose for me.

1. Carry all the essentials that i need (and have easy access)
2. Make me look hip/cool/good as a mum (or in other sense, fashionable)

yeah, i'm shallow like that. go ahead and judge. i'm sure a lot of people like to look good and im definitely one of them. i also like that i can house all my stuff in one single bag and free my hands to carry the baby or any shopping bags that i may have.

recently, i got a chance to review a diaper bag that i have been eyeing for a while! the stars must have aligned and i was really ecstatic when i was contacted to review it.

Presenting the Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in Black Melange.

one of the most stylish nappy bags that i have ever seen - simple, elegant and even matches with smart wear. I could be in office gear and totally rock with the bag. I am pleased to also say, this bag ain't all about just looks. it's really a niffy bag that caters to all the possible needs for a mum.

Just look at the compartments available, there are more than 10 different compartment/slots for all sorts of stuff, and comes with a nice looking diaper changing mat as well. I like that the compartments are well thought out with the needs of a mum in place. There is a special slot with a hole in the centre for easy access to tissue paper or wet wipes slot in there (see picture below). There are small slots for your scissors/cutlery or mobile phones as well. There are clips within where you can attach a small toy or a pacifier and clip them back in place without the fear of losing/dropping them. I also noticed that while most diaper bag comes with a changing mat, they do not necessary come with a specific slot to place the diaper mat in. The Lassig Green Label neckline  nappy bag actually has a specific slot that caters for the changing mat and it shows just how much thought went into designing the bag with the user in mind.

special compartment allocated for the changing mat, which can also be used to put diapers or clothes if the changing mat is not required.

with my items placed inside.

I also like that the bag is roomy and spacious enough to hold all that i need for 2 kids. I do lug quite a bit of stuff out for my kids and i really like that the bag contains it all. There are also bottle holders to hold my milk bottles in place. The best of it all? It's removable and the bag is flexible enough to change according to the needs of different kids, and grow alongside with them. I have changed a few diaper bags since because as the kid grows, their needs change and the stuff i pack in the bag differs so i often have to look for a new bag to meet the needs, so i'm really pleased with this lassig diaper bag! One bag fits all! The removable bit is also especially useful in the event of milk spills - one can also just remove the button-on panel for washing instead of the entire bag.

Talking about meeting the needs of your kids, this bag comes with a whole lot of accessories to let you use the bag the way you like it. I have never seen any bags that proivide that much flexibility and it's really amazing. They really do know the business they are in. There is a long strap to wear the bag in a sling postion, a small pouch for small stuff like keys or teethers or bibs. There are extra straps to hold water bottle or toys and there is even a little bottle warmer in there. Woooah~

Detachable slings, straps and little bags that caters to your baby needs.

This feature really takes the cake - a cooler compartment in one of the slots! Just put your cold milk here and keep it fresh! No need to bring another cooler bag that takes up precious space in the diaper bag.
Amazing. I am so wow-ed by all that the bag offers.

I also like that the branding is subtle and cute, all contained in a small little badge that hangs at the side of the bag.

Enough of the bag's functions, here's how it looks with various looks - smart, casual, weekend wear etc. Totally versatile and easily matches with my wardrobe.

Sure, it looks good on me, but what if i don't want to carry the heavy bag? It works well with my stroller too! I strap on the sling, and tried it on the single handle capella stroller for Jerome and as well as the 2 handles Mclaren stroller for Jerry and works well in both scenarios!
Lassig Nappy Bag, strapped onto the strollers.
If my reviews aren't glowing enough, check out the amount of awards they have won.. honestly, honestly, really impressed.

If there is anything that i dont like about the bag, is that it possibly bulks up when i put too much in there and makes it a little hard to use as a shoulder bag. That happens when i have to pack quite a bit of stuff for the 2 young kids but on most days, its good.

The Lassig Green Label Neckline bag retails at S$269 (RRP) and is available at Lassig.sg. Can I say im lusting after those cute kid bags as well?

Disclaimer: I received a Lassig Green Label Neckline bag for review purposes and no other form of compensation was received. All opinions are of my own.
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