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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Lollibox Review (Feathered Friends theme)

i'm having a little issue with accessing my blog from my house ip for the past 2 weeks, which is why i am a little silent. For ages, i thought livejournal was down but it was actually my home internet connection! It connects to everything (including my journal page) and the only page that's down is my "post an entry" link and livejournal.com. It's mad frustrating and driving me nuts all week! anyhow, i just found a work-around method. it works when i'm connecting to the internet using my mobile data via tethering. It's friggin' slow but at least it works so i guess i'll make do for now.

back to the product review on lollibox. when jerry was still a very young kid, i have had read many rave reviews from fellow mum bloggers and had always wanted to try it some day when jerry is of age. i was really really thrilled when the folks at lollibox contacted me for a review a couple of months back. #bestthingthathappened #truestory

ta-dah! the box in all it's glory. the box was actually bigger than i imagined it to be
(not that it matters anyway)

i brought it out on one of those days where we were at the new home over the weekends. i used it to entertain jerry while daddy was busy fixing up some furnitures and setting up our place for our move-in. I have since moved in for about almost a month now so time really flies.

Jerry unboxes the feathered friends lollibox
Jerry unboxing the lollibox for the first time!

contents of lollibox
So, what's in the box?
Each box comes with "Create, Discover, Enrich & Award" activities to engage the child based on the selected theme. I do feel its a brilliant idea to explore the selected theme, and i dare say i learnt a thing or two myself (triggered by the need to teach hence acquiring more knowledge on the topic).

lollibox activity packs
the "Create" & "Discover" activity packs.
i like that the activity packs were individually packed and that it was easy for me to grab a bag and start on something. We started on the "Discover" pack first since it has lesser small craft bits within it and it looks relatively easy and interesting.

the bird flies!
The lollibox activities are targeted at kids between 3-7 years old. Jerry is only 26 months when he tried his hands at it and i must say they are not too difficult for him with a little help from me. He had loads of fun zooming the bird around in the air.

imaginary play of birds flying
Obviously enjoying the contents of the "Discover" pack.

fine motor skills training while threading the wire through the hole

Moving onto the other contents of the pack - building a bird cage.

I like that there were instruction sheets with clear visuals to guide the kids along, it's almost like you can't really get it wrong. It's also great at promoting fine motor skills like threading pipe cleaners through small little holes, bending of the pipe cleaners and all.
Jerry spreading out the strips to form the bird cage
Jerry in concentration and putting everything together with a bit of help from me.
He actually amazed me because he figured out the bit about spreading of the strips to make the bird cage!

Jerry looking forlorn at his colorless birdcage
Almost done!

i didnt let him decorate the bird cage or the bird using markers and sequins provided because the husband is currently uber sensitve about the new house. No markers, no craft glue, no art & craft stuff because everything is still so mint. Besides, Jerry has yet to know his boundaries yet because he draws EVERYWHERE when he holds a pen.

We admired it for a while and i kept everything back into the ziplock bag that it came with for easy storage. i'll bring it out another day when he grows older and could do more crafting on his own. Overall, i find Lollibox a good kids' craft idea that's easy and out-of-a-box solution without the need for much preparation. just open and do it! Easy and fuss free and a great idea for time-starved parents like myself.

While i agree that Jerry is still relatively young, i do find the lollibox a good kit to start introducing craft for toddlers or a craft idea for kids.
lollibox instruction sheet
Suggested activities under "Enrich" portion of the LolliBox.
While most people think that art activities are confined to indoor fun (i admit im one of them!), the activities in the "Enrich" portion of the feathered friends lollibox encourages one to bring the kids outdoor as well with suggested activities on what a parent could do with a kid in an outdoor environment pertaining to the theme. I found it brilliant and really loved the well-rounded idea to learning.
lollibox achievement badge upon completion
A small little completion badge to award the kid for the hard work!

There is also a small achievement badge within the pack to award the kid. This may seemed like its a small thing but the award is a great recognition for the hard work put in by the kid and it helps in encouraging the kid and spurs him on to achieve more eventually. Over time, i believe it would lead to nurturing confident kid who goes on to succeed in life!

So during this school holidays, if you are looking for art activities for preschoolers or fun craft activities to occupy your kids, the Lollibox is a relatively good choice to invest in! Depending on how you execute it, it could also be seen as games for the kids. I believe they currently have a school holiday offer where you only pay $99 for 4 differently themed lolliboxes.

Lollibox also offers subscription where you can sign up for 3-months/6-months/12-months worth of craft and wait for them to be delivered into your home! Each month, they launch a brand new theme! Do check it out more on their website at lollibox.sg or follow them on their facebook for more updates!
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Feathered Friends Lollibox for review and no other compensation. All images, thoughts and opinion are of my own.
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