Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me. (cherieladie) wrote,
Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Strutting down the runway at the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2013...


baby crawling on runway

It's more like crawling down the runway, but.... jerome isn't one of the models, even though he was decked in FOX's gear that day.. I just plonked him there cos i thought it was really funny when he looked like he was relishing in all the attention and enjoying himself!

Baby jerome enjoying himself on the runway

jerome happily strutting on the runway..not!
totally rocking it on the (almost) empty runway.

so, potential model to be?? i really love this round little meat ball of mine - all his squishy fats and cuddly body. makes me want to give him a tight squeeze every single time.

some weeks back, i was invited to the FOX Kids Fall/Winter Fashion Show held at Paragon and i thought it was spectacular! There were loads of fun activities to keep the little ones occupied - photo taking booth, DIY cupcake decoration booth, handicraft station and all. The kids were all so excited, except mine.

handicraft station to keep the little ones occupied
handicraft station to keep little fingers working and faces smiling.

Jerry was really hungry (Oops, i'm a bad mama!) so he really wanted to eat rather than play. He kept asking for bread, or food and digging my diaper bag for snacks (which daddy forgot to pack that day!). double oopsie!

so imagine my sense of relief when i saw......

Make your own cupcakes at the DIY Cupcakes Booth
DIY Cupcake booth filled with loads of m&ms chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate cream and icing, and rainbow sprinkles!

totally. saved. my. day. (never mind that it was empty calories)

Daddy guided him on decoration but all he wanted was m&ms chocolates! OMG. (mummy's sugar radar just kept going off in my brain and i had to distract myself with other things.)

daddy guiding jerry on cupcake decoration

I think jerry had the most fun here - CHOCOLATES & SWEETS - indefinitely.

jerry totally enjoying the fashion and his cupcake
hello there, mr. chocolate mustache!

the kid totally enjoying his cupcake and refused to go anywhere else so we were pretty much rooted to our seats and frantically cleaning him up (me) while the folks around us had a good laugh at my kid because he literally had his entire face in his cupcake.

keith trying to charm jerome
my friend keith (the btss, haha!) trying to charm jerome but jerome looking totally unimpressed.

cute baby couple strutting up and down the runway
cute little baby couple on the runway.

before the start of the fashion show, this cute little couple was holding hands and walking up and down the runway and everyone found them super adorable! Everyone was talking pictures of them, me included!

The REAL fashion show started soon after! i must say, a kid's fashion show is really cute and adorable to look at!

cute little girls on the fashion runway
The opening models were oh-so-pretty! and cute, and i loved the idea of the balloon spelling out the brand.

hip little boys on the runway
the boys looking all preppy and hip!

modeling kids on the fashion runway
i thought the kids were pretty professional and doing a good job. what i found out later blew my mind. Most of them were doing this for the first time! WOW. *very impressed*

hip kids in cool clothes

kids fashion show finale
and the finale! Oh man, i think everyone enjoyed the show they put up!

cherieladie's family portrait
a family selfie. I should take selfies of the family more often! i dont have many family pictures.

Jerry seemed rather inspired by the fashion show because when we visited the shop some days later... guess what he was doing in front of the mirror?

jerry striking a pose toddler posing in front of the mirror jerry modelling his clothes in a FOX store
posing, and posing non stop. Looking at himself in the mirror. He will grow up to be a vain one i think.
(like papa! *giggles*)

the shop people were really amused and i guess he made quite an impact because when i paid for my purchase, the shop people asked if he was at the fashion show.

jerry making angry face happy jerry in all smiles
Happy with his Mr. Nonsense fleece sweater

**sponsored post**

Anyhow, i have some great news to share if you love shopping at Fox Kids and Baby. For the months of October to November; there is a one-for-one promotion going on!
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Have fun shopping!

Disclaimer: This is one of a series of sponsored posts with FOX Kids and Baby. The boys are getting their wardrobe all matched up! All thoughts and opinions (and fashion sense) are my own. 

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