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Madame Tussards Sydney

I know, i said i'll blog about the Wild Life Zoo next in my earlier post about Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium, but i totally forgot that we went Madame Tussauds before the zoo. So, i'm just gonna talk about Madam Tussauds first. If you know me, i'm more of a animal, marine life person or adventurous type of person. Thrill-seeking type if you need to label me. or nature-loving. I'l visit zoos, aquariums, do climbs, white-water rafting in a jiffy but museum sorta places, i'll choose carefully and only do those that interests me.

so, Madame Tussauds isn't really my kind of thing. it wasn't on my to-do list in Sydney since i have been to the one in HK twice...but it was part of the Ultimate Sydney Pass and Cindy wanted to go (she's hasn't been to one before) so i agreed to accompany her. She has been great to me on the trip and accompanied me to so many of the attractions i wanted to go so i am very thankful to have a super nice and accommodating travel companion!

Besides, it was housed together with the Wild Life Zoo & the Sydney SeaLife Aquarium, making it really convenient for us to visit all 3 together.

I just had to meet the 'love of my life', right at the entrance!

Johnny Depp & Cherieladie - Madam Tussards
Johnny Depp (I honestly did attempt to sweep away his hair before taking the pic!)

Johnny Depp & Cindy at Madame Tussauds, Sydney
Cindy takes a picture with Johnny Depp too!

I wasn't looking out for anyone in particular but i noted that there were quite a lot of wax figures on display that i have no idea who they were! i know right, i'm so off but i think there were quite a bit of australian sports stars and celebrities that i do not follow or know. Oops.

I took pictures of the more common ones and some that i have come across while touring sydney..

Captain Cook with Cindy
Captain Cook, whom we heard so much about while visiting the Sydney's Maritime Museum

Close up shot of Captain Cook's wax figure
Close-up of Caption Cook face, isn't the details amazing?

Nelson Mandela & cherieladie
with Nelson Mandela.

President Obama & Cherie
how about me working with Obama in the oval office?

King of Pop, Michael Jackson & cherieladie
with King of Pop, Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber wax replica & Cindy looking smug
Cindy looking really smug about rubbing shoulders with Justin Bieber. he looks really oily here!

Cherieladie digging einstein's nose
Me, digging Einstein's nose. I took this picture because i remembered doing a same pose when i went HK 6 years back, but i can't seemed to find that picture now....

Wolverine wax figurine with Cindy
Wolverine! Totally rocked our socks.

iron man & cherieladie
Iron Man. Errm, honestly, i wondered why he is included as one of the exhibits because he obviously is all iron-clad!

Cindy adjusting lenardo dicarpio's tie
Cindy adjusts Lenardo dicarpio's tie, like a dutiful wife!

Spiderman and Cindy attempts to kiss him
but i think her true one love is Spiderman!

lady gaga & cherie
Lady Gaga! I really liked this one. and i dunno why my pose in pictures are all crap and silly looking!

Audrey Hepburn & Cindy
Audrey Hepburn. She was Cindy's favourite!

E.T. & Cindy
E.T goes home........ I loved that we were touching fingers for this shot (my idea). Haha!

we had a lot of fun goofing around the various figurines and had quite a lot of fun.. Judging from the crowd on the day we went, Madame Tussauds is really a popular place to visit. I was quite surprised to catch a few figurines that i hadnt expected to see, and E.T was one of them! Indeed a pleasant surprise.

Cindy & me really had quite a lot of fun here and it made our Ultimate Sdyney Pass really worth our buck.

Stay tuned for more of my travelling posts on Sydney. It's a long trip and i'm still stuck at Day 4 for now!

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