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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

FOX Little Men, Little Miss Collection

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Have you heard? FOX recently introduced a series of limited edition Mr. Men, Little Miss character tees in their new collection. i know! i should have blogged about this earlier! My bad. I have been so caught up with...life. solo parenting, mid-career switch, house warming, being really really sick the past 5 days are just some of the stuff i am dealing with. i never wish to be so sick ever again. i was running really high temperatures for 5 days and seen 3 docs. the medication from the first 2 doctor didnt help, and the husband eventually sent me to the hospital because the temperature has been sky rocketing. i'm a little better now, hopefully the bug will leave me soon.

Anyways, i was talking about the new Mr. Men, Little Miss character tees right?

Fox Little Miss Character tees

these characters bring back loads of memories and nostalgia for me. i grew up with them and remembered wanting to collect the whole series of Mr. Men, Little Miss characters storybooks (i still have those books lying around in the house!). My favourite is Little Miss Chatterbox because i talk non-stop all the time! don't we all have a character that fit us perfectly? What's yours? Do share!

Fox Little Men character tees

the husb and me were super excited to buy them and "label" our kids because they are so cute! we had loads of fun shopping and trying to fit our sons into the Mr. men characters. Honestly, it was super easy. we didn't even have differing opinions and quickly labeled Jerry as Mr. Bump (he's hyper and is forever falling and bumping into things) and Jerome as Mr. Strong (he tops all the milestone charts at 8 months!).

and here's our loot! Honestly, even the husband wanted to get matching tees with his sons but unfortunately, the biggest sized kids' tee was a little too short length wise although it fits him rather ok. the husband was really bummed about it. guess he really liked the Mr Men collection.

fox mr men, little miss character tees

I'll be honest and admit that if there wasn't a budget issue, i'll grab one of each of those characters they have. Shopping for 2 kids is just a lot expensive as compared to one, and it was great that they had the tees and knit bottoms promotions going on and it was 2 for $25 (babies) or $30 (kids), so i took the opportunity to grab some knit bottoms for the kiddos. I love their knit bottoms. my kids are constantly in knit bottoms at our new abode since the place is fully air-conditioned.

The boys in one of my favourite character - Mr. Happy, and paired with super cute monster inc shorts (also from fox!)

jerry & jerome with train set

they look like they are playing together, but i'm at the stage where jerry refuses to let jerome touch his toys, and every time it happens, i hear a resounding "NOOOOOO!!" and he grabs the toy away. terrible twos i think, he just. cannot. share. with. his. brother. i'm still working on the issue, slowly. i'll tell jerry that if he shares, he gets more toys and he is happy to drop whatever he is holding. it works but definitely not what i really want to teach him, but i'll get there eventually.

jerome & mr. Strong in tent

jerome in fox kids clothes

jerome, on the other hand is a super cheery baby that always laughs. i love him to bits on this quality alone. he brings loads of sunshine into my life. he's also super drool-y these days and i blame all his 8 teeth. he has been gnawing on everything in sight!

jerry & jerome in Mr Men, Little Miss clothing from Fox

jerry & jerome in fox clothing

Can you tell? The 2 kids are almost wearing the same size already. funny how extremely different both boys are in terms of their growth. they can actually fit in the same size but i bought a 1 size bigger for jerry so that he can grow into them.

Jerry in Mr Bump, Jerome in Mr Strong Fox Kids Wear

on a separate occasion when they weren't matchy matchy, but wearing their own characters. i had loads of fun dressing the boys up!

jerry hugging mr bump toy
Jerry & his Mr. bump plush toy that he's loving to bits.

mr strong, mr bumpMr Strong & Mr. Bump plush toy

the boys got a Mr Men character plush each. Super cuddly cute!! i wish i have the space (and money) to collect them all.

Just spend a min. of $60 nett in a single receipt and you can purchase these plush for $12.90 each. If you are a FOX C member (like me), you'll only need to pay $4.90 for each of these plush! Super cool right?

and errmm, i have one last thing to share! i have just added Fox Kids & Baby Stores to my personal list of "places to shop"!

cherieladie in Fox kids sweater

i can fit into their girls' clothes! Am loving the pink hearts sweater and I am eyeing this Hello Kitty green sweater that's coming out in October. Am soooo gonna get it! perfect for me to dump in an item or 2 unsuspectingly into the shopping basket while shopping for the kids' clothes. heh heh. Shhhhh... help me keep the secret, will ya?

Disclaimer: This is one of a series of sponsored posts with FOX Kids and Baby. The boys are getting their wardrobe all matched up! All thoughts and opinions (and fashion sense) are my own.

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