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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Outpost 903 Gastrobar Review

Outpost No. 903 Gastrobar
903 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 589620
Tel: 6468 4903
Closed on Tuesdays

outpost 903 gastrobar along bukit timah road

Entrance of outpost 903 Gastrobar

last weekend, i was invited to a food tasting session at Outpost No. 903 Gastrobar to try out their brunch menu. at first impression, the place looked really cool. That huge tank looking thing that cannot be missed from the main road if you are driving on bukit timah road. it also has a laid back exterior with casual outdoor seats and a cosy interior with a high ceiling, decorated with vintage furniture. i instantly liked the vibe about the place.

outpost no. 903 gastrobar ceiling
high ceilings, in an old shop house setting.

what's your usual choice while having brunch? Eggs benedict is one of my favourite options and i really like the version served here. the perfectly poached eggs are served in two different styles (with bacon and with ham) so you'll get 2 different taste in one plate. a very brilliant idea if you ask me!

eggs benedict, benedict duo, brunch menu item
benedict duo - served with ham and bacon on mini ciabatta bread

the benedict duo is easily one of my favourite item on the menu.

cheesy steak sandwich
cheesy steak sandwich - thin sliced ribeye and pork bratwurst combination with home-made tomato topped with mozerella and sharp chedder cheese.

the menu stated ciabatta bread but we had our cheesy steak sandwich served with brioche but i aint complaining. the bread was soft and light and complemented the meat combination really well. this is yummy and i would definitely order this if i need a heavier meal for the day.

mac & cheese bacon sandwich
mac & cheese bacon sandwich - a slice of mac & cheese topped with streaky bacon and marinated tomato slice, served on toasted brioche

I found this especially interesting - the mac & cheese came in a SLICE. and the macaronis are bigger than the usual ones that i usually eat and it makes an otherwise heavy dish much lighter since there were quite a bit of air in between. honestly, i am a big bacon and cheese fan and if you are too, i totally recommend this dish.

903 burger
903 burger - home made beef patty, lettuce, tomato, sweet gherkins and sweet onions, with a perfect sunny side up.

doesn't this look absolutely appetizing? i usually don't take burgers (not a big fan of meat patty) but the 903 burger wasn't at all dry and it tasted pretty alright. it was cooked to the perfect doneness with a tinge of pink in the centre of the patty. definitely a well-executed dish and no wonder its the signature of the place. they serve this all day, brunch through dinner!

crabmeat sandwich
crabmeat sandwich - juicy crabmeat sandwiched between 2 slices of toasted brioche loaded with cheddar cheese and served with a tangy tomato soup dip.

this was my least favourite dish of all, simply because the rest was outstanding in my opinion and this kinda pales in comparison for me. but, what i really really love was the tangy tomato soup dip! i kept digging the fries in there and almost finished up the sauce (and fries!).

baby james chewing on fries
see? even baby james is enjoying the food

if you have noticed, all the above dishes had french fries and salad as sides. the sides are standard, but if you don't really like that much carbo, you could opt for an all salad side or vice versa and have all fries as sides. I personally love the salad. it comes served in a refreshing blueberry vinaigrette kind of sauce that had me feeling like a cow and grazing on the greens. or, if you are a truffle fries fan, you could top up a couple of dollars and opt for truffle fries. truffle fries!!!! just ask the friendly wait staff for the switch and they'll gladly do so.

we were all pretty stuffed and we moved on to the desserts.

chocolate lava cake from gastrobar, dessert
chocolate lava cake served with vanilla ice cream.

i love, love, love chocolate molten, lava cakes and i could eat them everyday if i can. outpost 903 gastrobar does theirs very well, without it being too sweet but yet, with a rich chocolate taste. yums. i would definitely order this again on my next trip.

the last dish was kinda the star of the day. mango float. i honestly thought it would be some sorta drink that is served with ice-cream. you know, like the regular root beer float kind?

i couldn't be more wrong.

mango float cake, dessert
mango float - layered graham biscuit with mango cream and topped with fresh mango slices.

this.is.mind.blowing.refreshing. it's really really interesting and lovely. the mangoes were very fresh, and various layers added an interesting texture and this was totally different from a lot of other desserts i have ever tried before. it tasted pretty light as well and everyone was raving how good this is and sorta, polished clean the plates.

group shot with mediacorp host lin you yi
a group shot of all the bloggers with the lady boss, mediacorp host Lin You Yi.

Mediacorp celebrity lin you yi & cherieladie

just us two. she is so petite and tiny, i instantly look fat beside her!

well, we were busy camwhoring around the restaurant the whole time. cameras + bloggers = camwhore. that's the usual recipe right?

lynn, estella, cherieladie & mabel
lynn, estella, mabel and me.

sooddlydreamlike, cherieladie, amazinglystill
estella, mabel & me.

i seriously wasn't joking about the camwhore bit. Mabel & You Yi doing selfies!

it was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the restaurant setting. so, next time if you are looking for a brunch venue, you just might want to give Outpost No.903 Gastrobar a try.

903 gastrobar name card

If you are looking for party venues, they do events in their premises too. You could either choose a cosy party in their indoor area, or book the entire place with the outdoor seatings and back lane!

cherie lim cheeky's face

and errmm, if i made u drool with this post of yummy food pictures, i'm sorry! believe me... it was as hard for me to pen all this down without feeling hungry. :P

oh, before i forget. if you drive, let me just warn you that there aint official parking lots so do park your car at the back lane of the restaurant or along the roads at the private housing area (make sure it where the single white line is). Do share your feedback if you do try!

Do also check out the other food reviews that I wrote previously.

Disclaimer: I was invited for a media food review session and all opinions, thoughts and taste buds are of my own.

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