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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Product Review + GIVEAWAY: Looking for soft, comfy shoes for your baby? Check out Shupeas!

*product review*

during the days when Jerry was a baby, i was having a really hard time trying to buy nice, cute, and comfy shoes for the kid. a lot of the designs in the market were quite MEH and they are oh-so-expensive too! it even got to a point where i was so frustrated in the search and even asked the husband to go start a business in baby/kids shoes since he is somewhat in the shoe business. #truestory

truth is, there are only a few nice brands around with very limited designs and they are expensive, especially not worth the buck when the kids grow out of their shoes sizes in one night!

very recently, i got to know about ten tiny toes and the ridiculously soft heel shoes for babies. Honestly, i'm pretty chuffed!

Easily, here's the first few things that i really like about the shupeas® when i first saw it.
- it's made of leather and looks really soft!
- it wears from 0-18 months in ONE SIZE! (how is that even possible?)
- the designs are simple (thank lord!), yet very pleasant and easily matched with any kind of clothes (please don't even let me start on why kids shoes need so much cartoons and colors and/or sounds that not only makes it ugly, its unbearable for me in my own personal opinion). simplicity is always the nicest!

so, i was really delighted when i was offered a pair for review. It is the first adjustable and expandable baby shoe in the world. its even recommended by podiatrists and pediatricians!

and guess what's my choice of design?

the skull! i like that it feels kinda badass, yet cute at the same time. this piece is such a fashion statement! because, you hardly see skull related stuff for kids right?

upclose. the design is well made, the stitching superb, with no frays or whatsoever, even the husband is impressed (he being impressed with shoes says a BIG thing).

so superbly soft that i can just fold it into half with very slight pressure using my thumb and index finger. reminds me of a ballerina shoe and i really liked what i saw!

no laces, just an elastic tab with velcro where you just pull and paste to adjust the sizing according to your kid's feet.

when pulled to the tightest, the front of the shoe scrunches up and instantly shrinks a shoe size or 2.

here's how the shoe works. Instructions screenshot take from the tentinytoes.com.sg.

If you notice the above, there are also velcro straps at the back of the shoe to help adjust the size of the shoe. i like that it has a big opening for me to slip the baby's feet in. shoes with tiny opening are just a pain for the parents to wear. oh, the struggles while bending your back trying to wear shoes for them.

jerome tests the shoes out, thinking he has a new toy with the box...

see what i mean by plain, simple looking shoes that looks good with everything? You can pair it with checks, polka dots, camouflage prints etc and still looks good not clash (or turning out a fashion disaster).

and look at jerome, he is totally rocking in those shoes and he ambled around as if he wasn't wearing anything. the shoes didnt bother him at all the whole time i put it on.

climbing all over the sofa in it with ease. I think i am more in love with the shoe than the baby!

Here's a chance for you to win a pair!!

GIVEAWAY: [UNISEX] Shupeas Too Ladybug Vegan Pre-Walker (Infant/Toddler)

How to participate? Just click on the rafflecopter giveaway link below and leave me a blog comment with your email address! Simple right?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and i hope you win! ending this post with a darn cute picture (if i may say so myself!).

Oh, do go check out Ten Tiny Toes' FB page and follow them for the latest updates and designs. You can get Shupeas online or buy them from this list of stores that carries them.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Shupeas for review purposes but all opinions are of my own.

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