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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

FOX-ed out.

*Sponsored post*

if you didnt already know, my NO. 1 favourite activity is shopping. i grab at any chance to get some shopping done, for anything, or anyone! and what do mums do when they have kids? shop for the kids. its a legitimate reason to shop! it's a privilege if you ask me!

i especially love buying clothes for the kids. cute, tiny clothes does things to me. like... OMG, this i need to grab this... GOSH, this sweater is so cute, i think jerry needs this for the shopping mall..(ya, right?!). I just turn irrational when i see cute clothes that may not even be applicable in our hot, humid weather. i know i am not alone. I also know that a lot of mums feel exactly like i do but wont admit it (especially to their husbands). hey, your secret is safe with me. *winks*

these days, i'm into matchy matchy clothes for the 2 kids. I just think its soooooo cute. but, it's also an expensive affair. buying 2 sets of the same gear aint easy on the pockets. its like feeling the pinch, twice.

i so need affordable kids' wear that's fashionable. errm, yes. i'm superficial like that. i like to look good, so i'll like my kids to look good too! and what comes to mind when i think of that?

FOX Kids and Baby!

i have been shopping at FOX for jerry since eons ago (before jerome even came along), and i especially love their soft, cotton long pants. Jerry wears them to bed every night as jammies because its so comfortable.

recently, i visited their largest store at vivo city to grab some matchy clothes for the kids. jerome has been out-growing his clothes and is almost the same size as Jerry! and honestly, it was such an enjoyable experience because...........

LOOK AT THIS!! they have a play/toys station in the middle of the shop to keep jerry occupied!

he just kept staying glued to the table, playing with the toys and didnt bother with me while i went about shopping.

i know right? it's SUCH A BRILLIANT IDEA! the parents/mums get to shop without having the kids interrupt them or run away because its so boring when mum goes through the racks of clothes. i get to shop in peace without him screaming "mama! mama!" every other second.

even daddy gets to rest his legs and plays with jerry. i think the husband was as delighted with the corner as the kid (finally, no standing around looking lost in a shop while the wifey looks around).

it helps that the changing rooms are spacious enough for both the parent and kid as we try the clothes on. there was even space for me to step in if required.

here's my shopping loot! i got 2 sets of everything you see here, and because i am a fox member and it's my birthday month, i get 25% off everything! it didn't even cost me $200 for all the loot i grabbed. I averaged it out and it was about $10+/pc? super affordable.

and u know that pair of denim shorts on the right? *confession time* it's a pair of girl's shorts but it's really nice and preppy and i bought it for the boys anyway! i wished i had a girl because there are so many cute, pretty and lovely clothes that are oh-so-adorable and i so badly want them but have absolutely no reason to put them in my shopping bag. =(

flashing my happy shopper face post purchase.

and here's some pics of the boys wearing one of them matchy matchy sets just before we headed out last weekend!

too cute!

and you know what's the best news this week? a new FOX store opened in my hood at Northpoint!

The store is barely 24hrs old as i type this and the great news is, if you are staying around the north, you can check out them out this weekend and get 20% off the new collection that was launched just this week, and get the chance to sign up for their FOX-C membership with just $60 purchase instead of the usual $80. Hurry, before 25 Aug ok?

I hope you guys have a great weekend! For me, the bed, the curtains and all are going to be installed at the new abode tomorrow and i'm super excited!

Disclaimer: This is one of a series of sponsored posts with FOX Kids and Baby. The boys are getting their wardrobe all matched up! All thoughts and opinions (and fashion sense) are my own.

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