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i'm still missing the fun i had on my trip and am seriously experiencing a bad case of post holiday blues. it pains me to view the pictures because... i just want to head back there and chill.

the place is just so chill and laid back.

anyhow, what's a trip to sydney without checking out the Sydney's Fish Market right? it's a stone throw away from darling harbour and we simply walked over after soaking in the sights at the harbour.

checking out the map of the entire fish market.

the place.

i was sooo excited being there! Sea gulls flying around hoping to steal a fish or two from the diners. boats of all shapes and sizes docked at the wharf. the place is filled an air of salty sea smell and fresh seafood and buzzing sounds of a market. there were so many people. and so much seafood!

I really, really, love my seafood (especially oysters!) so you can imagine i could hardly contain my excitement. i also really love checking out the various types of fishes and seafood on display. it's soooooo interesting to look at. or maybe i'm just weird like that. i love checking out markets.

Ooooohhhh. look at them oysters. they are so cheap at Musumeci Seafoods.

prawns, lobsters, crab legs, scallops and a huge collection of seafood at one of them stalls.

atlantic salmons

i wanted to buy everything and cart them home!

beautiful, isn't it?

where the fishing boats are docked. Unfortunately, the place is off limits so i took this right at the gate.

look at them fishing boats.

a perfect place to chill, people watch, observe them ducks and pelicans and sea gulls. a life like that, what not to like?

place buzzing with activities.

oysters shucking in progress.

honestly, the sydney fish market was a lot more clean and commercialized than i expected it to be. It is mainly rows of restaurants showcasing their fresh seafood where you can buy home or eat at the spot (for those which can be eaten raw, or they have stuff like cooked prawns and lobsters served cold), loads of sushi and sashimi and counters serving hot food like fish and chips.

i was hoping for a bit more of a wet market feel and be able to view some of the fish auctioning process but that was off limits to public.

clean, air-conditioned environment. and no, it is not stinky at all.

Going to queue for some hot food at Peter's. We randomly choose one restaurant where we liked what we saw on the menu and seemed affordable. the duo queues for hot food while i strolled to Musumeci Seafoods to grab some fresh oysters (they were cheaper than the stalls housed in the main building).

our food! a dozen of oysters, fish and chips, grilled lobster and a mixed platter that has salmon, grilled octopus, calamari and prawns. we also bought a bottle of white wine to go with all that food!

we plonked ourselves on the greens amongst wandering seagulls, and tucked in! it was kinda hard to get a seat and we all didn't mind sitting on the ground. it feels rather fun!

and a view like that while eating your seafood. sooooo relaxing.

the photographer (me) snaps and is forever isnt in the picture. haha!

the seagulls comes up really close!

the fresh oysters were sooooo good, i went back to order another dozen and slurped them all up. i feel like an oyster monster.

with our bellies all filled up, and happy faces beaming, we ended the day back at the harbour and sat around watching the boats chugging along while waiting for the sun to set. the days in sydney ends really early since the sun sets around 5pm!

chilling. and getting a bit anti-social on the phone (heh heh)

lovely sunset reflecting off the buildings.

more entries to come sooon! as long as i can find the time to craft them. I have finally finished uploading the images (YAY!)! mean while, you can read all about my previous sydney entries here.

if you are keen to visit, here's more details.

Sydney Fish Market (SFM)
- located at Bank Street Pyrmont
- opens every morning (except Christmas Day) from 7.00am
information on getting there.

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Aug. 16th, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
I want oysters!!
Bad timing on reading this post. Now I want oysters!!! :x
Aug. 16th, 2013 08:42 pm (UTC)
Re: I want oysters!!
Ooppps! Sorry! :)
Aug. 16th, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
Bad timing on rwading this post. Now I want oysters!!! :x
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