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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Drypers DryPantz - Having more time for the things that matters.

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when i started jerry on childcare a little more than 2 months back, i checked with the teachers about toilet training and was told to put Jerry on training pants instead of regular diapers. so it was really timely when Drypers very generously offered me some DryPantz to try.

it's been a while that i thought about toilet training the kid and high time i start since he is able to pee on demand and tells me he has pooped right after the deed. I just gotta train him to tell me before he does! and in school, the teachers teaches him how to pull down his training diapers before making his trip to the toilet and wearing them back afterwards. we are definitely a long way from perfecting it, but one slow step at a time.

big boys training pants for jerry. baby diapers no more!

excited jerry with his DryPantz.

when it comes to selecting diapers for the kid, there are a couple of considerations that are extremely important to me, and they are:
(1) comfort
(2) no leaks
(3) cost
(4) ease of use

the first three are self explanatory, but ease of use? I can feel some of you furrowing your brows wondering what i am talking about. I do find training pants a lot harder to use as compared to baby diapers. Half the time, i struggle to remember which sides are front and back for brands that do not indicate. let's not go into the educating other care takers like my mum, my mil and the teachers in school which way is the correct way front for the brands that i do buy.

it's quite a pain, really.

but luckily, Drypers DryPantz do know their stuff! they had the directions printed onto the diapers so anyone, who picks up the diaper would be able to wear it correctly! I am super thankful since it reduces the amount of time having me fumbling with the diaper.

The other feature i appreciate is the sizing is also printed! the cute cartoon prints are a bonus. I could take the opportunity to teach the kid about animals! and yup, i see teaching opportunities using anything including diapers.

with a naughty toddler and more than 1 kid in the household, i can't tell you how many times i sat around in the living room sorting through a floor of different size diapers all mixed up. thanks to my adorable jerry who thinks its really funny pouring out all the diapers from their bags and mixing it all up!

With Drypers DryPantz, i feel more chill because even if jerry mixes the diapers up because sorting them would be a breeze anyway.

So here's some of the other features for Drypers DryPantz:

- it contains Activ-CoreTM which helps to quickly absorb urine and prevent flow-back to keep skin dry and comfortable.
- it has a Flexi-Fit system, which is the snug and soft waist elastic that provides a good fit and better mobility for the kid
- it contains a premium, soft layer of interlocking fibres which is gentle for baby's skin and drive urines into the core of the diaper to prevent flow-back resulting in longer lasting dryness.

I can't exact vouch that the diapers are comfortable since i am not the one using it personally, but i judge the comfort based on the smiles on my kid's face. He doesn't whine about the diapers irritating him at all and are perfectly happy wearing them through play and all. he doesnt get any diapers rash as well, so all is good.

all smiles!

happily playing in his playroom in his diaper, totally engrossed with his kitchen set.

I also find that the Drypers DryPantz are one of the more affordable brands in the market so it friendly on my wallet, and i havent experienced any diapers leaks yet!

definitely freed up a lot of precious time dealing with leaky diapers and uncomfy bottoms that i can use for more important things in life - like spending time with the kid (and the husband!).

oh, i also noted that their sizing seems to run a little small so it fits nicely for my skinny boy but if you do have a chubbier kid, do consider getting a bigger size. if you aint sure but want to give it a try, just visit Drypers FB Page and request for some free samples via their "Request Sample" tab. And while you are at it, do like the page if you like what you see!

disclaimer: I received some bags of Drypers DryPantz for me to trial and all opinions are my own.

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