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Sights at the Darling Harbour, Sydney.

on the second day of the trip, we planned to visit the darling harbour to soak in the sights, and walk to the sydney fish market for lunch. but this post is just gonna be loads and loads of pictures of darling harbour. simply because i find the place so alluring and mesmerizing, i could just sit around a whole day and people watch.

sharing all the pictures that i took! warning - it's A LOT OF PICTURES!

to get to darling harbour, just take the train to town hall and its a 10min walk from the station. that's the easiest for me. I wasn't familiar with the bus numbers so i didnt take any.

there are 2 overhead bridges that leads you to darling harbour if you are coming from the town hall station direction and this is one of those.

Us, crossing the bridge. I kinda like the unique bridge that has shelter only on one side.

there are a lot of seagulls every where in sydney and i love taking shots of them. They basically appear where there is food (near the harbour for fishes, or near any dining area).

parents with kids will be glad to know that there is a hugeeeeee playground in tumbalong park, which is just a stone throw away from the harbour, and that the kids can have loads of fun in.

there is even a huge carousel that i was tempted to ride in. So vintage looking. its more than a century old!

darling harbour!

the sunlight is forever glistening over the water at the harbour. sooooo pretty.

cindy & me.

i was giggling non stop when i took this picture. don't they *ahem* look like a couple? (even though they are not). hahaha! I popped over to HRC to get myself a limited edition city pin.

pyrmont bridge. the centre bit of this bridge turns to let boats through. It's pretty cool to watch!

more boats docked at the harbour, including a retired battleship, a submarine(!!), and a lighthouse at the end of the picture that are part of the "exhibits" of the maritime museum.

entrance of the pyrmont bridge and the maritime museum building on left.

pyrmont bridge from another angle.

we sat around the harbour for a bit to "boat watch" and that's one of the ferry service right in front (beige/green boat)

ferry moving off!

just had to flash another pic overlooking the maritime museum.

and another of the national maritime museum again. totally recommend checking out the boats and going into the submarine. I will blog about my experience soon!

we made our way home for dinner as the sun started to set.. this is taken from the cockle bay wharf side.

cockle bay wharf where a lot of eateries are being housed.

sun setting.

the night scene at the harbour is equally charming. I took this from starbucks that was overlooking the harbour.

it's really a lovely place to be. everything seemed so beautiful. or maybe because we dont have much of these in SG hence making it extra lovely. We spent quite a few days around this area over the entire trip, mainly because there are so much to see and do! I'll blog about them slowly.

for now, i really ought to get into bed. it's 2am in aussieland and i have to wake at 6.30am to prep and pack up to leave. i hate that my glorious holiday is coming to an end but i had had a lot of fun. and interesting adventures. I really missed travelling like that.

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