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I'm usually not a city person, but i do love having the opportunity to visit cities that have interesting sights and historical looking buildings. after all, they are not a common sight in singapore, right?

Here's some interesting sights that i saw while making our way from circular quay to QVB (chain mall) to have our dinner on the first evening of our sydney's trip.

a street (angel place) filled with loads of empty bird cages. it's an installation titled, "Forgotten songs" that features a bunch of empty bird cages and recorded bird sounds to remind the city dwellers of the abundant birdlife that was in the area prior to the English settlement. the empty cages signify that the birds have long flown away.

sydney's general post office. i love buildings like that. I spotted it on the first day while taking the train from the airport to andy's place. it was here where we spotted a wedding with a convoy of expensive cars - mercedes slks, lamborghinis, ferraris, audi convertibles (i dunno the model!) and a couple of vintage looking cars jamming up the entire street. i took a photo of the cars on my instagram so do follow me at @cherieladie if you want to see it.

the bridesmaids with the mercedes.

so, we went to ippudo sydney for dinner that day. errm, i havent tried the ippudo in singapore before (am not a ramen fan) so i cannot give a comparison.

the seating inside were filled out so we took the seats outside.

Andy & cindy ordered the same ramen, some miso ramen that's out of the standard menu and they have a side dish served together that you are supposed to eat with the ramen.

here's mine - akamaru shinaji, served with ippudo original tonkatsu broth and special blended miso paste.

verdict? It's taste pretty good, with the noodles being springy and a very tasty broth that's not too salty (i can't really like salty stuff) and i polished up the entire bowl of ramen without a much broth left in my bowl. a satisfying meal and i would go for it again. just not in SG where the queues are quite crazy. when we were done, the restaurant queue started to get longer and longer so i'm sure it's popular with the folks here too. you might wanna try it if you like ramen and is in sydney for a visit.

You can read about our morning brunch on our first day in sydney and the sights we saw at circular quay.

meanwhile, i'm suffering from sleep deprivation because i wake up earlier than the rest every morning for moo moo duties and is always the last person to sleep at night. 5 days in, i am definitely feeling the strain!

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