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Arriving in sydney!

We arrived in sydney this morning! we both were pretty much like zombies because instead of sleeping on the flight (which in itself was tough), we watched movies, had supper, chatted non stop and i read on my kindle (ah, bliss!) and ended up catching only 1.5hrs of sleep. or less.

when we finally landed, we took a while to orientate ourselves, get our data sim (Optus offers unlimited data, voice calls and smses for just $2/day), and hopped onto a train to andy's apartment. that's us waiting for a train in central station, by the way.

the trains are very interesting! it's double-decked. and some of them have seats that you could totally change the direction that you are facing so that you are always facing the direction of travel, or change it into a booth area where you and your friends and sit facing each other. It's such a brilliant idea.

but, but, i must say the train tickets are friggin' expensive! took us both 30+AUD to travel to central station from the airport and more $ to finally get to our destination. our tickets average cost 3-6AUD each time we travel between a few stops and can i just say... i totally miss the ease of our ezlink card system, the convenience (the lines here and the fees structure is a pain) and how cheap it is in comparison to what i paid today.

It's pretty much a slow, take it easy day since we chilled the morning away in the apartment, unpacking our stuff and freshening up before heading out for lunch at the fine food store at the rocks in the city.

the menu

the restaurant had a casual feel to the place with food stuff placed all over for sale. I love the concept that you can dine and shop at the same time, for foods!

happy cindy when we finally get some access to food. we were so famished!

i dont usually do coffee (i'll get a terrible headache) but i was happy to try some in sydney. I guess it kept me going too for the entire day seeing how little i slept.

belgium waffles. these are a little hard by my standards (i like fluffy waffles) but andy loves them. taste wise, it's really quite nice.

beef lasagne. this was alright, but i did find that the top and the bottom layer was a tad dry. The center bit was nice, soft and flavourful though.

chicken tortilla wrap. a totally healthy option and the only one that all 3 of us like.

all our food. not exactly fantastic, but the place was kinda full so im guessing that we probably didnt choose the right things to order.

the rocks discovery museum was just across the restaurant so we popped in for a quick look.

here's cindy acting silly in front of some paintings. I think sleep deprivation does things to people. haha!

We popped by the rocks market, walked down to circular quay to soak in the sights of the sydney harbour bridge and the opera house, before calling a day with dinner at ipppudo ramen. more of that in a separate post!

stay tuned.

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