Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me. (cherieladie) wrote,
Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Discovering the artistic side of me with heART Studio.

it's been a while that I did something for myself. take on classes, learn a new skill etc. the last time I attended a class of some sort for myself was learning the Japanese language and that was many many years back, way before I got married. with smb turning 1, I managed to join a bake class and now, an ART CLASS with all the celebratory activities! thank you smb! there are loads more worth celebrating for, I reckon. heh.

and so, I spent 2 hours today away from the kids (my mum helped babysit one, and the husband the other while running errands) and tried to discover my artistic talent with heART studio at Upper Thomson Road.

I was caught in the rain earlier and was late for the class (boo!). when I entered, everyone was in deep concentration, drawing away!

after some coaching from the teachers on the techniques and how to start.. I quickly got down to work. we were given pictures to refer to,  and honestly.. it was quite daunting! halfway through, I wanted to give up cos I felt like I wasnt going anywhere near. haha. my drawing looked so odd!

drawing away. (thanks delphine for taking the shot!)

other mummies drawing away. I try not to peep at their work cos they sure can draw!! made it a lot more stressful.

halfway through.  at this point.. I was like.. ok. I totally cannot draw and this looks like shit... and I decided, "aiyah! just keep trying lah!!"

delphine actually took a picture of me looking very very distressed and grouchy.

I just kept going at it and chanted in my head.. "short quick strokes..short quick strokes.."

tadah! done!

everyone's else drawings on the table.

could you tell I was trying to emulate Hughes Claude Pissaroro's Le chateau des seigneurs d'Estaing a Bort-les-Orgues? I know my drawing is a total insult to the artist. first,  I JUST realised that it is not a straight horizon that I drew in the picture.  it was 2 islands at the background.. I totally missed that. . no wonder I had a hard time drawing the horizon bit cos it just looked weird!! my castles looked like they are on steroids, appearing much bigger than they were supposed to be and a lot fatter. the sails of the sailboats were also a tad awkward.. but I guess its a good attempt seeing that I actually managed to complete the drawing, especially in under 90mins of class time.

I also love the place, adorned with lovely paintings all over, making me especially inspired!

love these hand drawn buildings across the entire wall! I wished I had the talent to do that for my kids' room.

I stole a picture of a children classroom as well, loving all the colors the classrooms are painted in. when we were all done, all of us took a picture with our drawings.. but im waiting for it to be sent to me so that's missing.

:: edit with picture :: :: /edit ::

totally enjoyed myself! I wanted to sell my painting to the husband (he has been thinking on splurging on a coplu painting for our new abode) so I tried at peddling my ware. haha! no luck. nonetheless, I love that I get a bit timeout from the kids and do something for myself once in a while. totally rejuvenating. if you like art, do consider taking up a class and do something for yourself!

heART studio conducts adult canvas classes to teach basic art sketching to canvas art. 2 person to start a class. the school also offers art classes for children 3-12 years old. do visit their website www.heartstudiosg.com for more information, or go follow them on facebook!

Disclaimer: I attended the art class as part of smb's celebrations for turning 1 year old and all opinions are my own.

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