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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Jerry goes for the Cold Storage Kids Run 2013!

if you have met or seen jerry in real life, you will know that i have a very active boy on my hands. he sprints away for some fun the moment an opportunity opens up, or is ever ready for a game of catching where he runs and mummy/daddy chases after him, or around a pillar (he loves the pillar thing!).

so we were really excited that Jerry is finally of age to join the cold storage kids run this year! i was pretty sure he'll be a champ and run ALL the way, judging at how he loves to run, all the time.

turns out, things never quite happens the way you want it sometimes. it was a day where the sun was scorching hot, and my boy just wilted from the heat and turned cranky! It was also partly because we refused to let him run around on his own amongst the crowd (there were soooo many people!), afraid that we might lose him (he's so tiny and hard to spot in all that crowd) so there was quite a bit of cries and struggling before the race even started!

bright and early, we were at race grounds. i love all the skyscrapers in the backdrop.

mr cranky pants, while waiting at the holding area.

hordes of people for the kids race!

i have enrolled der to run with jerry mainly because i could handle jerome better, and also because der had the strength to carry jerry in the event he doesn't run.. so it is also der's first race! when they moved into the holding area, i went to seek some shelter and at the same time, seek out a good place to cheer them on at the side lines and take some photos.

waiting for the flag off.

end of the wave. i didnt see the duo at all!

what i didnt realise was.... there were 3 waves of people in the race category and when the first wave went off, i thought i TOTALLY missed them (how could i?!) and sadly went off to the finishing line to wait it out.

BOO. it was only after the race that i found out from der that they were in the second wave.

Being Jerry's first race, i have commissioned the husband to take LOADS of photos!

at the starting point.. waiting for the horn to sound.

him, hiding in the shadows of the adults in front of him

off he went!

go! go! go!

looking like he is enjoying himself.

a little more than a 100m later, here's when he started to wilt... the husband had to carry him for some bits of the runs.

stopping mid-race and having a shot taken with the cheer leaders at the side lines. grouchy boy!

and he managed to pick up a girl while at it (haha!), and waving with his win, minister style.

i was waiting for the longest time and wondered why i never saw him after so many people. did i miss them again?! does it take that loooooooong for a 800m race? haha. I was near freaking out because jerome was screaming in the carrier from the heat, and most likely hungry but i didn't want to leave and miss them again.

so i was super excited when i spotted them after what seemed like ages!

father and son.

running towards the finishing line. there were so many people, i kept screaming and the husband didnt hear me! argh.

making it to the finishing line! the first thing the husband did was to whip out his phone.

well done, my loves!

savouring the medal of his hard work! his first ever medal.

"Mama! apple!" he says delightedly upon seeing me again.

there were loads of activities for the kids and a lot of booths, but we never got round to checking them out because both kids were terribly cranky from the scorching sun. I didn't collect the goody bag for the same reason. it was just too hot to queue with a baby strapped to me.

we rewarded the boy with an iced cold milo for his hard work!! (the milo trucks were a huge part of my childhood back in the days when i was a competitive runner!!)

i had to shove the camera into the hands of daddy to help me take a shot! i always never have pictures with my kids because i am always the one behind the lens!

despite the heat, we had loads of fun!! but i never saw anyone i knew despite knowing a lot of my friends are in the same race. uh wells. I'm sure i'll be back next year and hopefully, jerry would be able to complete the race all by himself then!

if anything, i hope the organisers would provide smaller t-shirts for their participants. the smallest size xxs was way too big and i had to pin it just so it wouldn't fall off his shoulders and tuck in the ends into his shorts so that he didnt look like he was wearing a long dress!

P.s. i snapped a lot of pictures of random strangers running in the same race so if you are in it too, i invite you to check out all the pictures i took that day and download your picture if i happened to snap a picture of you. you are welcome. :)

We were extended an invitation by Full Circle PR to participate in the run. All opinions expressed here are my own.
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