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[Advertorial] Abbott Nutrition Toddler Vocabulary Questionnaire

If you have been following my blog for quite a bit, you’ll read about how I used to track Jerry’s progress and the words he knows and recently, I blogged about the conversation I had with him. Over the last 5-6 months, there doesn’t seemed to be much progress and i admit, I got a little worried especially since my nephew who is a few months older and other kids in the same age range seemed to be spewing a lot more words and sentences while jerry is still pretty much at 2-word stage. he mumbles quite a bit but no one can make sense of what he actually is saying.

So, when I got to know about the abbott nutrition toddler vocabulary questionnaire, I was very happy! Now I can know if Jerry is actually developing ok in terms of his vocabulary! Abbott Nutrition has especially championed this Singapore-specific questionnaire for parents to access and find out their child’s level of language development against the local norm for expressive vocabulary.

Excited to get started!

First up, registration! Jerry just turned 2 years recently and he happens to lapse into the “hole” between the age standards for the survey, but I guess its a good gauge. Registration is just 2 simple forms, one of the parent’s details and the other about the child.

Here we go! The survey requires you to go through a list of words that your child understands and says… starting from action words like clean and close, in the 2 languages that your child may know. Obviously, it is English and mandarin for Jerry.

Then the list goes on to a series of sounds…

and animals.

While I was going through this, I instantly feel guilty because I realized that I taught Jerry mostly the English version of the animals (through his books) but he knows none of the chinese words for animals! Then again, my mandarin is kinda terrible (der is always laughing at my spluttering attempts) so I really need to brush it up. I hate to admit it, but there are chinese words in the list that I cannot even read. x_x"

the list goes on to body parts as well as clothing.

and conjunctions, none of which Jerry can verbalise. Oops.

The list also includes feelings, emotions, descriptors, colors, fruits and food types, furniture, places… it’s a long long list, so be prepared to spend a bit of time to go through them all. I also took some time to think and try and recall if Jerry knows the words listed.

Ps & Qs included in the list as well, which, thankfully, Jerry knows.

Not sure if you have noticed from my screen shots above, but there is an useful feature included, where there is a marker to indicate how far along you are in the questionnaire.

75% and almost there! Other words includes items in the household, like cutlery and bins, watch and clock, WWWWH (who, what, when, where, why, how), vehicles, etc. Extremely massive list, but very, very relevant.

I took a while to complete the test, in between attending to the needs of my kids, and because I really needed to think to ensure the answers would be most accurate. Here’s my results for Jerry!

Jerry falls within the 25th -50th percentile, which I am rather surprised at myself for not being upset at the results. I could just feel the kiasu mother in me roaring! LOL. Truth is, since this is based on both languages, Jerry obviously falls really short because there are a lot words that I didn’t teach him in chinese. My mum is the only person that speaks to him in mandarin, and even then, I also noticed my mum trying to brush up her English and speak to him in English lately too, so I guess he’s stronger in speaking one language even though he understands and is able to comprehend. I wouldn’t have notice this “flaw” in my daily interactions with him if not for this questionnaire.

I also noted that a few of the words that Jerry do know is not in the list, like “row” (the boat), “crocodile”, “gorilla” and “pain”. So, I guess the result of this questionnaire is really meant to be a guideline for the parents.

I also like that there are tips at the end of it all to help parents along with teaching their child. Am going to try the bit where the reading tip says “widening your child’s vocabulary by using his interest in a particular character…”. Thomas & Friends was the first thing that popped into my mind! It was also good to know that Jerry is pretty much on track based on the nutrition tips included. There are also useful links included which provided a lot more information relevant to a parent on kids’ nutrition.

Now, if you have found this interesting thus far and have a toddler, I encourage you to take the questionnaire! You can also use it as a tool to track your kids’ progress in language development over the months. I know I’m gonna come back in a couple of months just to compare. Just click on the link below to take part!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
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