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Hi, I'm Cherie Lim. Thank you for reading me.

Hokkaido Chiffon Cake Baking Class by Munch Ministry

baking & me don't quite gel together, because i don't look like the type that would bake. the last time i baked muffins (from a premix), no one quite believe that i baked them. i actually really quite like baking occasionally, it is just that i dont have a proper oven at home.

when i found out about a baking class by munch ministry for a group of mommy bloggers from SMB, i immediately signed up and was super looking forward to it. never mind the fact that it was on a saturday morning at 9.30am.

the class is held at the civil service club along tessensohn road in a nice spanking kitchen. we had to work in pairs so I paired up with estella who happens to be my poly school mate that i havent met for many many years!

estella & me

having a little fun exploring the kitchen before the class started proper. i was wow-ing at all the equipments on display!

the entire class, paying attention to 'teacher' pauline and louisa right in front.

demonstration in progress...

this is how we all looked like, paying attention with our cameras in hand!

photo credit: munch ministry fb

my hardworking partner who was taking down notes, while i was busy snapping away.

when the demonstration is over, i was a little nervous because i never really baked from scratch before. there were 3 parts to the recipe - the egg yolks, the meringue and the filling. the meringue is the critical part to the success of the cake and i wasn't feeling quite confident when we split out the work and i had to work on the meringue. Still, i just kept praying for the best along every step and hope i did ok!

photo credit: munch ministry fb

us, measuring out the portion of the ingredients. I had to pour back and remeasure so many times because i 'overshot' in pouring the ingredients. super nervous.

the first thing i did after done collecting the ingredients needed was to separate the egg yolks and the whites. it is critical that the egg white do not get any of the yolk. I was super zealous in ensuring the egg white/egg yolk were 'cleanly' separately from each other that i broke 2 yolks in the process while trying to 'hand pull' (like teh terik, y'know?) them too much but managed to contain the yolks within the shells. i found out later that the yolks doesnt need to be entirely clean of the egg white. Only the egg white mattered. ahhh... so i learn.

a picture of my attempt. how? pass?

estella hard at work, together with ai in the last pic.

my meringue in progress...

done. check out the stiff peaks! the cool tip to having a successful meringue is having a clean bowl free of oil/grease and water because egg whites are very sensitive.

not forgetting to camwhore while at work. we took so much pictures, we were some of the last to finish up and pop our bakes into the oven.

folding the meringue into the egg yolk mixture.

ready to fill them into the cups.

having loads of fun while at it!

giving all the cups a good knock to knock out the air bubbles! it was a moment good for destressing!

into the oven they go.

while our cakes are toasting in the oven, louisa demonstrates how to do up the filling and how to pipe it.

our bakes, looking really good!

piping in the fillings after the cake has cooled down sufficiently.

putting on the little hearts!

realised we forgot the snow powder after we are done decorating! OOops.

the final product! Super happy and satisfied.

a group shot with all the other mummies in the class.

estella, mabel, rachel and me.

both the husband and the kiddo liked the cake very much, so i guess i'll be trying my hands on baking them after moving to our new abode. its the perfect excuse/reason/motivation to start using the oven that i bought. also as a validation to the purchase, because when i said i wanted to buy an oven... the husband asked, "you got bake cake one meh?".

now, i can proudly reply... YES! i got!

p.s. the baking class is made possible with the celebration of SMB turning 1 year old. you can check out munch ministry for cooking recipes or the availability of cooking classes.

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