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on this day, we visited 3 countries in a single day! it was interesting and humbling, because i saw for myself the poverty of these countries and saw the children running about trying to earn money for their meals. i was also a little freaked out when i was stuck in a locked vehicle with others outside peering in on me and trying to get my attention (i volunteered to stay back to look after the luggages and belongings) while the rest went to clear immigrations. Yes, i don't need to personally be there to clear immigrations, which was really, an eye-opener.

at the OR Tambo International airport terminal. it's a real zebra hide and it is very costly! having seen the actual animals in action, feeling the hide kinda completes the experience but it is really sad that the animals hide are being sold across africa at most places. i wouldn't purchase anything like that for my home and i cannot imagine why anyone would want to step on a zebra hide as a rug in their own homes, unless it is a display piece.

had to camwhore because i'm loving my hat!

heading to the gates to catch our british airways flight! we are catching a flight into zimbabwe! never thought i would travel there one day, though the experience is a rather brief one.

2 hours later, we landed in zimbabwe, in southern africa. we did a detour from south africa and headed out here to see the largest waterfall in the world and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

landing in zimbabwe.

i looked rather sleep deprived here. heh.

a shot with our plane where passengers are still disembarking in the background.

everyone wants a shot with the signage! :)

the victoria falls or mosi-oa-tunya (the Smoke that Thunders) is located on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Thankfully, our journey allowed us to view the water from both sides (in different countries) though my aunt & uncle from the states are required to pay a USD$50 visa in order to get into Zimbabwe. in occasions like that, i am really thankful and proud to be a singaporean.

on the way from the airport to victoria falls.

even the cows are so skinny!

mandatory shot with the signage!

making our way through the picturesque park to view the falls.

i found the bare trees with all the fallen brown leaves along the path mesmerizing, with the roaring sound of water in the distance.

see all that mist from the falls? the whole atmosphere is damp and at certain points, you can actually feel the wetness of the mist on your face/hair even though the falls are quite a distance away.

we were there in september, which was considered the dry season and yet, the water was bustling and splashing angrily against the rocks. i cannot quite imagine when it is the rainy season..

one of the dryer parts of the waterfall. you can peer all the way down to the bottom. the funny bit was the people who were water rafting in the river had to carry their rafts and trek across this part of the river bed. kinda cute seeing all the orangey little dots with a blue/yellow/orange raft above their heads.

standing before the largest waterfall in the world, amazing beauty that my lens cannot capture.

sporting a random animal or two is quite a common sight.

picture taken from the living stone island.

taking a picture from the edge of the cliff.. with the danger lurking because a single missed step or a trip will result in falling over..

can you see the tiny tiny people at the top right of the screen? humans really look so minute compared to the nature around us at that moment.

and finally, some pictures of me and the falls.

the bridge that connects zambia and zimbabwe.

we had some monkeys for company. you wouldn't want to provoke them.. and at the same thing, do hang tight to your belongings!

heading towards the borders and the immigration.

at the immigrations.

Ok. at this point, i am going to stop this entry and update it again when i reach Orlando in about 30hrs time (assuming i get internet access). gotta leave for the airport now and i have yet to change, finish packing.

till i blog again! ciaos!

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