December 12th, 2013


Things kid says.

The hfmd cases in Jerry's school has spiked to 7 cases. The husband and I decided we are going to keep him away for a while, just for the safety measure so he is going shopping with his nai nai today since a distant relative is in town.


and while we were leaving the house earlier.. This little kid really makes my day.


(while I was closing the door and locking up, the husband walks to the lift lobby and asked jerry to follow.. )


jerry goes, "wait! papa wait! wait for mummy to lock the door!!" he stood firmly beside me while I quickly locked up.


my heart got stolen by this kid. He is sooooooo sweet! I think he is going to be a heart stealer when he grows up! (actually, I think he already is.. judging by his popularity when he got admitted into the hospital previously and so many people showed up within a short notice)


mean while, Jerome seems to be on the mend according to the husband. I have seen him since Sunday and miss him loads. yay!


feeling totally blessed!!


We are moving towards the weekend! so looking forward...