December 4th, 2013


Eating a cupcake THE RIGHT WAY.

Yes. i mean it. I know right. You'll be thinking, just open my mouth and eat. How else can i eat it?

I found a great way to eat a cupcake and i think its fantastic. No more cream/icing smeared on your face or lips while at it. Clean, minimal mess and it got me thinking - why just didnt i think of it before?!

You would like to know tooo? Yes?

I brought home some cupcakes the other day. My favourite salted caramel and red velvet ones!

The happy husband was really happy (actually he wasn't because i only had ONE cupcake for him but he thought he had a dozen when he saw box, but let's just pretend he is HAPPY) and very gamely decided to do the demonstration on how to eat a cupcake correctly.


Here's the HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE TUTORIAL in 4 simple steps!

Get your cupcake ready!

Step 1: Peel off the sides of the cupcake liners and remove the cupcake from it gingerly.

Step 2: Gently twist the bottom half of the cupcake to separate the base into halves.

The cupcake base have to be separated as shown. Done? Well done!

Step 3: Put the bottom cake base on top of the cupcake icing!

Tadah! Cupcake ready to eat!!
Step 4: Have your cupcake and eat it.
betcha never thought about this right? Look at how happy the husb is.

Life's happiness is eating cupcakes with NO MESS!

Now, aren't you interested to try this out? and have a burning desire to grab/bake a cupcake to try this? It's a pretty cool idea, isn't it? I think its a brilliant way to eat cupcake! Tell me if you think so too! It's so great an idea NOT to share!

I hope you had fun reading this... as much as the husb and me had fun documenting this. We really enjoyed this tiny snippet of fun and laughter together. I laughed so hard while at it.

P.s. I wouldn't steal an idea and i'm definitely not bright enough to have thought of this idea.. so in case you are wondering, i first seen the idea here.

Happy hump day folks! And no, thats not a bad word. Read about "Hump Day" if you have the time....