December 1st, 2013


Black Friday Shopping.

it's the best thing ever that happened to me in weeks. I'm a little over-worked these couple of weeks and coupled with all that's happening after moving into the new household, i have been pretty overwhelmed. I really need some retail therapy.

And the best thing yet? i managed to score the pair of punk-looking ASH sneakers that i have been eyeing for weeks! YAY!
ASH Viking Sneakers
ASH Viking Sneakers - Coolest pair of shoes/sneakers that i ever bought.

If you have followed me on instagram, you would have seen my following post some weeks back. I haven't been able to get them off my mind at all!
Instagram post on cherieladie
Retailing at SGD $330 each, in black and metallic calf leather. (*OUCH!)

So i was super excited when i saw that there is a 25% discount off this pair on amazon (retails at US$250) as part of the Black Friday deals. Wheeeeee!! *adds to cart immediately and check out*

at the same time, i bought the following TOM shoes as well for weekends and lazy days.

TOMS Shoes - Morocco Crochet Women's Classiscs (i love this for its versatility - it goes well with anything!)

TOMS shoes - Women Linen Classic Slip-Ons (i love the polka dots!)

the TOMS are not on sale but i have been thinking about them for yonks as well. The husband swears by them and owns many pairs of these. It's his default shoes every weekend. Do you know TOMS has this policy that they give out one pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair sold? I wonder how many children they have helped since.

and yup, just like that...i am a happy girl. I'm sure everyone would know that i love, love, love shoes by now. Who else buys 3 pairs of shoes at the same time? Tell me if you do, cos i want to be friends with shoeaholics like me!

Are you looking forward to Cyber Monday? We are just hours away... *grins*