Merry Christmas and a blog announcement!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone have a blessed day and receive loads of love, happiness (and presents!). I have christmas surprises for all of you coming up.. Meanwhile, here's a little announcement that i want to make. No, no. I am NOT PREGNANT (sorry!).

But i have been brewing this for a while, and even though I'm not fully done with the beautifying.. i have decided to announce it!

I am moving my blog. to my own domain -
(say YAY!!)

so bookmark the new blog please, and read me there! I'll see ya there. Do pop by and show me some love, will ya?

Are you also waiting for the surprises that i mentioned earlier? Well... since its Christmas, i'll be hosting 12 days of Christmas Giveaways together with 3 other mum bloggers friends (Mabel, Irene & Estella) and there are loads of (branded) stuff to be won!!

Hop over and check out the details on my new blog!!


Lässig Diaper Bag Review

I have always have a fetish for bags and shoes, and that fact has not changed a wee bit even after i had kids and become a mother. But the honest truth is, as a mum with young kids, touting your pretty little bag (or your dainty designer bags) is no longer an option. gone are the days where u could just go out hands free carrying just a couple of cards in your pocket.

there are just so many things a baby (or babies in my case) need.

diapers? check.
wet wipes? check.
changing mat? check.
tissue paper? check.
milk bottles? check.
milk powder? check.
hot water flask? check.
blurp cloth? check.
extra clothing? check.
pacifier/soothing toy? check.
snacks/scissors/cutlery? check.

and i like to bring extras because i don't like being unprepared or caught in a situation where i have to buy new stuff.

you put them all together and you have a big bundle of things to lug around. I don't know about you, but diaper bags need to serve 2 key purpose for me.

1. Carry all the essentials that i need (and have easy access)
2. Make me look hip/cool/good as a mum (or in other sense, fashionable)

yeah, i'm shallow like that. go ahead and judge. i'm sure a lot of people like to look good and im definitely one of them. i also like that i can house all my stuff in one single bag and free my hands to carry the baby or any shopping bags that i may have.

recently, i got a chance to review a diaper bag that i have been eyeing for a while! the stars must have aligned and i was really ecstatic when i was contacted to review it.

Presenting the Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag in Black Melange.

one of the most stylish nappy bags that i have ever seen - simple, elegant and even matches with smart wear. I could be in office gear and totally rock with the bag. I am pleased to also say, this bag ain't all about just looks. it's really a niffy bag that caters to all the possible needs for a mum.

Just look at the compartments available, there are more than 10 different compartment/slots for all sorts of stuff, and comes with a nice looking diaper changing mat as well. I like that the compartments are well thought out with the needs of a mum in place. There is a special slot with a hole in the centre for easy access to tissue paper or wet wipes slot in there (see picture below). There are small slots for your scissors/cutlery or mobile phones as well. There are clips within where you can attach a small toy or a pacifier and clip them back in place without the fear of losing/dropping them. I also noticed that while most diaper bag comes with a changing mat, they do not necessary come with a specific slot to place the diaper mat in. The Lassig Green Label neckline  nappy bag actually has a specific slot that caters for the changing mat and it shows just how much thought went into designing the bag with the user in mind.

special compartment allocated for the changing mat, which can also be used to put diapers or clothes if the changing mat is not required.

with my items placed inside.

I also like that the bag is roomy and spacious enough to hold all that i need for 2 kids. I do lug quite a bit of stuff out for my kids and i really like that the bag contains it all. There are also bottle holders to hold my milk bottles in place. The best of it all? It's removable and the bag is flexible enough to change according to the needs of different kids, and grow alongside with them. I have changed a few diaper bags since because as the kid grows, their needs change and the stuff i pack in the bag differs so i often have to look for a new bag to meet the needs, so i'm really pleased with this lassig diaper bag! One bag fits all! The removable bit is also especially useful in the event of milk spills - one can also just remove the button-on panel for washing instead of the entire bag.

Talking about meeting the needs of your kids, this bag comes with a whole lot of accessories to let you use the bag the way you like it. I have never seen any bags that proivide that much flexibility and it's really amazing. They really do know the business they are in. There is a long strap to wear the bag in a sling postion, a small pouch for small stuff like keys or teethers or bibs. There are extra straps to hold water bottle or toys and there is even a little bottle warmer in there. Woooah~

Detachable slings, straps and little bags that caters to your baby needs.

This feature really takes the cake - a cooler compartment in one of the slots! Just put your cold milk here and keep it fresh! No need to bring another cooler bag that takes up precious space in the diaper bag.
Amazing. I am so wow-ed by all that the bag offers.

I also like that the branding is subtle and cute, all contained in a small little badge that hangs at the side of the bag.

Enough of the bag's functions, here's how it looks with various looks - smart, casual, weekend wear etc. Totally versatile and easily matches with my wardrobe.

Sure, it looks good on me, but what if i don't want to carry the heavy bag? It works well with my stroller too! I strap on the sling, and tried it on the single handle capella stroller for Jerome and as well as the 2 handles Mclaren stroller for Jerry and works well in both scenarios!
Lassig Nappy Bag, strapped onto the strollers.
If my reviews aren't glowing enough, check out the amount of awards they have won.. honestly, honestly, really impressed.

If there is anything that i dont like about the bag, is that it possibly bulks up when i put too much in there and makes it a little hard to use as a shoulder bag. That happens when i have to pack quite a bit of stuff for the 2 young kids but on most days, its good.

The Lassig Green Label Neckline bag retails at S$269 (RRP) and is available at Can I say im lusting after those cute kid bags as well?

Disclaimer: I received a Lassig Green Label Neckline bag for review purposes and no other form of compensation was received. All opinions are of my own.

Delifrance Joyeux Noël Christmas Party

I have been so busy with living life lately and didnt realize that Christmas is slowly creeping up on us! Where has 2013 gone to honestly? Having 2 kids really change the ball game for me. Before i could say hi, it's bye and gone!

I havent been documenting as much as i would have like, but there were a couple of major changes for me this year - new baby, new job, new house so it's been madness! There is something new coming up as well which i have been brewing and would very soon announce (watch this space) so i do hope you guys are still with me.

Really looking forward, and its been really quite a blast of a year thus far!

Let's get back on the subject header, shall we? The family was recently invited to a Christmas party at Delifrance to try out their Christmas offerings and we had a lot of fun.

the little kid was rocking it out at the party with his red balloon.

They had xmas party paraphernalia given out and the kid's version was sooo cute! Jerome was checking out the cakes and the macaroons on the table liner.

we played some games, and won ourselves a prize or two.

Der with one of our prizes! Honestly, we i had quite a bit of fun in participating in the games!

We were treated to a big spread of christmas food - roast turkey, leg of lamb, roast striploin beef, honey glazed chicken ham and more! You can check out their entire menu on their website or view their catalogue for more info!

I really enjoyed the Honey Glazed Chicken Ham and the Roast New Zealand Striploin of Beef tremedously. Am so getting the chicken ham for my Christmas party that i'm hosting!

Here's an impromptu family selfie!

The Delifrance Joyeux Noël Log Cakes offerings - Yuletide Log (Large), Silent Night, Joy of Delifrance & Enchanted Macaron Tower. Our favourite cake of the lot is the Yuletide log. We had so many slices, its embarassing!

Jerome having fun with pretty girls. I can so foresee the kind of trouble that both my sons will get into when they grow older. Yikes!

Christmas is just a couple of days away, and if you are like me - busy with work and christmas shopping and havent had the time to plan for any parties, do check out the Delifrance offerings. I like that they are conveniently available around the island and easy accessibility is one big plus point during this period where everywhere is jammed pack with people trying to do their last minute shopping! I also like that the prices are quite pocket friendly!

Now, excuse me while i go wrap some more Christmas presents.

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the Delifrance Joyeux Noël Christmas Party to review the Christmas food offerings and no other form of compensation is received. All opinions, tastebuds and cute kid are of my own.

Things kid says.

The hfmd cases in Jerry's school has spiked to 7 cases. The husband and I decided we are going to keep him away for a while, just for the safety measure so he is going shopping with his nai nai today since a distant relative is in town.


and while we were leaving the house earlier.. This little kid really makes my day.


(while I was closing the door and locking up, the husband walks to the lift lobby and asked jerry to follow.. )


jerry goes, "wait! papa wait! wait for mummy to lock the door!!" he stood firmly beside me while I quickly locked up.


my heart got stolen by this kid. He is sooooooo sweet! I think he is going to be a heart stealer when he grows up! (actually, I think he already is.. judging by his popularity when he got admitted into the hospital previously and so many people showed up within a short notice)


mean while, Jerome seems to be on the mend according to the husband. I have seen him since Sunday and miss him loads. yay!


feeling totally blessed!!


We are moving towards the weekend! so looking forward...


conversations with the husband

Quick update: My little chub chub is still sick and running the possibility of a hospital admission. sigh. We are gonna nebulize him for 2 days in hope he gets better else we will be reporting to the hospital for admission. I do hope that doesn't happen. it's bad enough that both kids are sick and we blew 600+ at the doc's today.


mean while, I haven't recorded the funny conversations with the husband for a while so here's one.


(I saw a really cute girl on the streets and wished I could have a girl..)
me: if we had a girl, would you dote on the girl more as compared to the boys?
der: no. I'm impartial. I will dote on whoever is obedient.
me: you sure? but daddy always dote on their daughters isn't it? I thought there is a saying... (me trying to recall)
der: ...that daughters are lovers in my previous life??
me: ya!! that's it..
der: who knows? maybe I was a gay in my previous life?
me: *rofl* that's f**king funny. its going up my blog!!




this morning, I was trying to recall the snippets of the conversation to blog about it but couldn't recall at all... so I ended up asking the husband.


me: hey.. what was the funny conversation that I said I wanted to blog about? I can't remember it any more!
der: huh?! It was just yesterday.. you sure you forgot?
me: ya.. These days my memory is very bad.
der: like a goldfish?
me: maybe slightly better..
der: oh, you mean like a BIG goldfish?
me: *!#$/^&%?!


I'm sure my life is made a lot more interesting by marrying my husband.


Shape Stroller Fun Run with Capella Stroller (Cony S230T)

it's been 6 years since i last did a shape run. i usually participate in the 5m or 10km race categories but this time round, i took part in the Shape 2.4km Stroller Fun Run. I had to wake the husband and the kids to pack them out of the house even before the sun is up! Barely 7am in the morning, and here we are, with bright smiles and happy faces.

L-R: Lynn, myself, Irene & Mabel at the Shape Run 2013.

The run was originally slated to be on 7 July but was postponed to 27 Oct due to the haze. the 3 months wait was quite a pain because i was so looking forward to running with 9 other mummies and our Capella strollers! it's also the first time i take part in a race together with so many people that i know!

camwhore while waiting for the rest of the mummies to reach that morning.
Don't we look synchronized with all our strollers?

Possibly, the most chillax baby that day. Not a nary of a fuss from my chubs. *loves*

And we are all READY for the dash!

Irene & me at the starting line! (James obviously eyeing all the toys i have on the capella stroller)

me looking super tired and running my last km.

Honestly, i do feel the 2.4km fun run is too long for it to be fun with a stroller and a potentially crying baby! I saw so many mummies pacifying their babies during the run, carry their crying bubs in one hand and pushing the stroller in another. Quite a feat and i must say kudos to those mums. Jerome was totally not fussing and he had his leg propped up on the handle bar 90% of the time, watching his little windmill spin while mum runs her arse off. In preparation for the race, i had some windmills attached to the stroller to keep him entertained and i guess its a good trick because the kids seemed to be fascinated with my windmills as they spin. I also can't be more thankful because i was one of those lucky mummies who didnt have a fussing baby at the end of the race

I love that the organizers prepped balloons for all the mummies and it made the run quite fun and the kids all loved the balloons flying about. I had to keep pushing them out of my face while i ran though. Blame myself for being greedy and grabbed more balloons than i could handle. haha!

I wasn't feel well that day, was spotting a slight fever the night before and was coughing quite badly but was this was too rare an opportunity to be missed so i pushed on in the race. Although 2.4km isnt all that long a distance, running with a stroller is really not easy! It's somewhat challenging somehow as compared when im running alone and requires a bit of a strength to cart a 10kg baby along up and down the slopes. Good thing that the Capella Stroller was quite easy to navigate and turn corners and it made things a lot easier. The one handle bar also helps when i can use one hand to push the stroller along during the run and switch hands when i am feeling tired. I didn't had any issues with the stroller during the run and was glad that it made a good jogging companion. I only wished i was more fit to finish the race faster.

Exhilaration when i cross the finishing line. *punch fist in air*

10 proud mummies with our Shape Stroller Fun Run medals!  *YAY*
(and yes, selfie too! by the ever professional selfie Mabel)

Thank you Taime for the generosity in gifting us a stroller for the run and the opportunity to join a race with 9 other mummies. it's quite an experience and i really enjoyed myself!

Disclaimer: I received a Capella Cony S230T stroller for review & race purpose. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Pictures credit to Mabel of Amazinglystill unless otherwise stated.

Eating a cupcake THE RIGHT WAY.

Yes. i mean it. I know right. You'll be thinking, just open my mouth and eat. How else can i eat it?

I found a great way to eat a cupcake and i think its fantastic. No more cream/icing smeared on your face or lips while at it. Clean, minimal mess and it got me thinking - why just didnt i think of it before?!

You would like to know tooo? Yes?

I brought home some cupcakes the other day. My favourite salted caramel and red velvet ones!

The happy husband was really happy (actually he wasn't because i only had ONE cupcake for him but he thought he had a dozen when he saw box, but let's just pretend he is HAPPY) and very gamely decided to do the demonstration on how to eat a cupcake correctly.


Here's the HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE TUTORIAL in 4 simple steps!

Get your cupcake ready!

Step 1: Peel off the sides of the cupcake liners and remove the cupcake from it gingerly.

Step 2: Gently twist the bottom half of the cupcake to separate the base into halves.

The cupcake base have to be separated as shown. Done? Well done!

Step 3: Put the bottom cake base on top of the cupcake icing!

Tadah! Cupcake ready to eat!!
Step 4: Have your cupcake and eat it.
betcha never thought about this right? Look at how happy the husb is.

Life's happiness is eating cupcakes with NO MESS!

Now, aren't you interested to try this out? and have a burning desire to grab/bake a cupcake to try this? It's a pretty cool idea, isn't it? I think its a brilliant way to eat cupcake! Tell me if you think so too! It's so great an idea NOT to share!

I hope you had fun reading this... as much as the husb and me had fun documenting this. We really enjoyed this tiny snippet of fun and laughter together. I laughed so hard while at it.

P.s. I wouldn't steal an idea and i'm definitely not bright enough to have thought of this idea.. so in case you are wondering, i first seen the idea here.

Happy hump day folks! And no, thats not a bad word. Read about "Hump Day" if you have the time....

Black Friday Shopping.

it's the best thing ever that happened to me in weeks. I'm a little over-worked these couple of weeks and coupled with all that's happening after moving into the new household, i have been pretty overwhelmed. I really need some retail therapy.

And the best thing yet? i managed to score the pair of punk-looking ASH sneakers that i have been eyeing for weeks! YAY!
ASH Viking Sneakers
ASH Viking Sneakers - Coolest pair of shoes/sneakers that i ever bought.

If you have followed me on instagram, you would have seen my following post some weeks back. I haven't been able to get them off my mind at all!
Instagram post on cherieladie
Retailing at SGD $330 each, in black and metallic calf leather. (*OUCH!)

So i was super excited when i saw that there is a 25% discount off this pair on amazon (retails at US$250) as part of the Black Friday deals. Wheeeeee!! *adds to cart immediately and check out*

at the same time, i bought the following TOM shoes as well for weekends and lazy days.

TOMS Shoes - Morocco Crochet Women's Classiscs (i love this for its versatility - it goes well with anything!)

TOMS shoes - Women Linen Classic Slip-Ons (i love the polka dots!)

the TOMS are not on sale but i have been thinking about them for yonks as well. The husband swears by them and owns many pairs of these. It's his default shoes every weekend. Do you know TOMS has this policy that they give out one pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair sold? I wonder how many children they have helped since.

and yup, just like that...i am a happy girl. I'm sure everyone would know that i love, love, love shoes by now. Who else buys 3 pairs of shoes at the same time? Tell me if you do, cos i want to be friends with shoeaholics like me!

Are you looking forward to Cyber Monday? We are just hours away... *grins*

Lollibox Review (Feathered Friends theme)

i'm having a little issue with accessing my blog from my house ip for the past 2 weeks, which is why i am a little silent. For ages, i thought livejournal was down but it was actually my home internet connection! It connects to everything (including my journal page) and the only page that's down is my "post an entry" link and It's mad frustrating and driving me nuts all week! anyhow, i just found a work-around method. it works when i'm connecting to the internet using my mobile data via tethering. It's friggin' slow but at least it works so i guess i'll make do for now.

back to the product review on lollibox. when jerry was still a very young kid, i have had read many rave reviews from fellow mum bloggers and had always wanted to try it some day when jerry is of age. i was really really thrilled when the folks at lollibox contacted me for a review a couple of months back. #bestthingthathappened #truestory

ta-dah! the box in all it's glory. the box was actually bigger than i imagined it to be
(not that it matters anyway)

i brought it out on one of those days where we were at the new home over the weekends. i used it to entertain jerry while daddy was busy fixing up some furnitures and setting up our place for our move-in. I have since moved in for about almost a month now so time really flies.

Jerry unboxes the feathered friends lollibox
Jerry unboxing the lollibox for the first time!

contents of lollibox
So, what's in the box?
Each box comes with "Create, Discover, Enrich & Award" activities to engage the child based on the selected theme. I do feel its a brilliant idea to explore the selected theme, and i dare say i learnt a thing or two myself (triggered by the need to teach hence acquiring more knowledge on the topic).

lollibox activity packs
the "Create" & "Discover" activity packs.
i like that the activity packs were individually packed and that it was easy for me to grab a bag and start on something. We started on the "Discover" pack first since it has lesser small craft bits within it and it looks relatively easy and interesting.

the bird flies!
The lollibox activities are targeted at kids between 3-7 years old. Jerry is only 26 months when he tried his hands at it and i must say they are not too difficult for him with a little help from me. He had loads of fun zooming the bird around in the air.

imaginary play of birds flying
Obviously enjoying the contents of the "Discover" pack.

fine motor skills training while threading the wire through the hole

Moving onto the other contents of the pack - building a bird cage.

I like that there were instruction sheets with clear visuals to guide the kids along, it's almost like you can't really get it wrong. It's also great at promoting fine motor skills like threading pipe cleaners through small little holes, bending of the pipe cleaners and all.
Jerry spreading out the strips to form the bird cage
Jerry in concentration and putting everything together with a bit of help from me.
He actually amazed me because he figured out the bit about spreading of the strips to make the bird cage!

Jerry looking forlorn at his colorless birdcage
Almost done!

i didnt let him decorate the bird cage or the bird using markers and sequins provided because the husband is currently uber sensitve about the new house. No markers, no craft glue, no art & craft stuff because everything is still so mint. Besides, Jerry has yet to know his boundaries yet because he draws EVERYWHERE when he holds a pen.

We admired it for a while and i kept everything back into the ziplock bag that it came with for easy storage. i'll bring it out another day when he grows older and could do more crafting on his own. Overall, i find Lollibox a good kids' craft idea that's easy and out-of-a-box solution without the need for much preparation. just open and do it! Easy and fuss free and a great idea for time-starved parents like myself.

While i agree that Jerry is still relatively young, i do find the lollibox a good kit to start introducing craft for toddlers or a craft idea for kids.
lollibox instruction sheet
Suggested activities under "Enrich" portion of the LolliBox.
While most people think that art activities are confined to indoor fun (i admit im one of them!), the activities in the "Enrich" portion of the feathered friends lollibox encourages one to bring the kids outdoor as well with suggested activities on what a parent could do with a kid in an outdoor environment pertaining to the theme. I found it brilliant and really loved the well-rounded idea to learning.
lollibox achievement badge upon completion
A small little completion badge to award the kid for the hard work!

There is also a small achievement badge within the pack to award the kid. This may seemed like its a small thing but the award is a great recognition for the hard work put in by the kid and it helps in encouraging the kid and spurs him on to achieve more eventually. Over time, i believe it would lead to nurturing confident kid who goes on to succeed in life!

So during this school holidays, if you are looking for art activities for preschoolers or fun craft activities to occupy your kids, the Lollibox is a relatively good choice to invest in! Depending on how you execute it, it could also be seen as games for the kids. I believe they currently have a school holiday offer where you only pay $99 for 4 differently themed lolliboxes.

Lollibox also offers subscription where you can sign up for 3-months/6-months/12-months worth of craft and wait for them to be delivered into your home! Each month, they launch a brand new theme! Do check it out more on their website at or follow them on their facebook for more updates!
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Feathered Friends Lollibox for review and no other compensation. All images, thoughts and opinion are of my own.

Baking Jellyhearts (no bake recipe)

**long overdue post**


found a half written entry in my phone so decided to finish it up and post it!




Every time I mention i'm "baking" jelly hearts, I'm actually in a dilemma because no actual baking is required. Lol. but its considering a baking project, no?


i recently have been making a lot of jelly hearts, and almost on a weekly basis when I invite friends over to the new abode for a party - have drinks and wine, chill, make merry and enjoy each other's company. or maybe you can call it housewarming but each time, I invite only a specific group of friends or family.  the house is actually not ready, but everyone has been dying to see it and asking us for it.. so.. errmm.. we are doing it slowly.


I started with it my colleagues because I switched team recently and it was sorta a 'farewell' party for myself (tho no one thought of it that way I'm sure, but I wanted to get together with all of them), and that some of them were leaving for long trips and I made jelly hearts for the occasion! mainly because my team loves it and my now ex-boss loves it but she wasn't able to make it though.  anyhow, it was a success and everyone loved it.


and the husband didn't quite believe that his wife could bake. that brings me to the story of our oven which my husband almost didn't want to let me buy because he thinks wife can't bake but that's another story for another time (please remind me to tell it some day!!).


back to the jelly hearts. I made it over 3 days! quite a lot of effort considering that I made a trip to the new abode everyday to finish up each layer. I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product when served on the table (too busy serving guests).

here's just before I took it out of the pan.


I'll share the recipe at the bottom of the blog entry if you are keen but here's what I did over the 3 days.


Day 1
Prep the base of the jelly hearts. I tried crushing the biscuits with my spoon but realised that the biscuits are scratching my wmf cutlery instead (Wtf!) so I quickly stopped and threw them all into my avent baby food processor to blend. nifty tool, this one. I use it for other things other than baby food. Lol. I know some you are screaming about the oil from the biscuits contaminating the processor but I'm totally cool with it. it hadn't even crossed my mind!

I also melted butter using the microwave for the base. mix the 2 together and you'll get the base.

easy peasy!


note: if you see carefully, I used vinyl wrap for the base of the pan, but actually you should use baking paper. I didn't have and couldn't find at the point when I was looking for some so I made do.


Day 2
I made the cheese layer on this day. I had to wait a couple of hours for the cream cheese to soften but I didn't have an electric whisk in the house and had to hand whisk the cream cheese. man, hard work! amazing to watch the cream cheese change with the addition of sugar. I feel like I was in a chemist class. heh heh.

I think it was my first time playing with gelatine too (or that I can remember)

poking holes in the hardened base.

pouring in the cream cheese which has since become like milkshake consistency, waited a while for it to set before putting the strawberries.


I ended the day with a blister in my thumb without me even realising it till I was washing up, and kinda made me feel like getting a kitchen aid. BUT, I think it will be a white elephant so I shall just only think. besides, I don't really have much kitchen storage space left. so fast right?


Day 3
easiest! just make jello and pour on to the cake and put into fridge to set!


easy enough for me to repeat it every other weekend I think. and here's the ingredients list!


for the crust:
300g digestive biscuits
150g melted butter


for the cheesecake layer:
500g of cream cheese (placed in room temperature for 2-3 hrs to soften)
1 & 1/2 tablespoons of gelatin powder
1 & 1/4 cups of boiling water
2/3 cups sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
about 10-12 strawberries


for the jelly layer:
160g strawberry flavoured jelly
1 & 1/2 cups boiling water


notes: I only actually slightly less than 1/2 a cup of sugar and it still works and taste good. also, I followed the jelly instructions on the box that I got rather than the instructions I saw.


so, you got the ingredients, what about the detailed preparation and cooking instruction? you can find out more here where I first saw the jelly hearts recipe -


so yup! easy and pretty dessert to make to serve guests, but its time consuming and definitely need to prep in advance if you are having a party or expecting guests!


p.s. you could also shorten the process to at least 4 hours of setting between each layer but I find that it taste way better and more stable with longer time left between the layers.


do let me know how it works for you if you try it!